10 Things to do in Bali 

Bali, an island that everyone should visit at least once to truly experience the beauty that it offers. It’s still surreal to me to think I spent 10 awesome days on this incredible island which showed me so much. Today I want to share 10 things to do in Bali to make it a memorable experience.

Experience the sunset in Uluwatu

Everyone spoke about how I should experience sunset in Uluwatu and honestly I can see why. It was one of my most favourite experiences in Bali. I had dinner on the beach overlooking the ocean and experienced a sunset view like no other.

Take a ride and Feed an Elephant 

Originally I was against the idea of an elephant ride as I have heard many horrid stories about animal cruelty. But once I found out about the elephant sanctuary and how they look after them I was sold. It was a terrifying experience for someone like me who hates heights but turned incredible.

Eat Seafood in Jimbaran Bay 

I love my seafood like the next person but never experienced having to see it live before eating it. Definitely a first and Bali offered me that experience which was surreal whilst being weird.

ubud - 10 things to do in bali

Hangout with Monkeys in Ubud

Amongst all the things we wanted to do in Bali, visiting the money forest in Ubud was on top of the list. I am not much of a monkey fan but I was totally overwhelmed by the experience. These monkeys were cute (slightly dirty) and quite frankly extraordinary.

Walk the Tegallang Rice Terrace

I will be honest and say as much as it would have been epic to walk the rice terrace it’s not worth it. They have put stupid tourist traps of where you HAVE to pay a contribution every 5 metres. If you don’t contribute they don’t let you through, I would rather one fee at entrance. But nope they had people stopping you for money on EVERY level, making it a worst experience.

Relax and Chill on Seminyak Beaches 

Seminyak beach was one of the most glorious places I have ever chilled before. I am yet to find a beach that surpasses its beauty and scenery.

Get a massage in Kuta 

Practically every where you go in Bali there is a chain of massage parlors. In Kuta there so many I changed up everyday until I found one I loved. They are so cheap too $2 for a foot massage for 30-45 minutes. Yes I had one daily because I know you can never get one at home for such a price

Be one with the Tortoise at Turtle Island 

Though I can’t remember how we got to turtle island I can definitely say I recommend it. Prior to this I had never seen a turtle before in person, it was surreal and fun. We got to hold them, see them in their natural habitat. The beauty about turtle island is that there is more than just turtles in case turtles are not your thing.

Swing off the edge of a Gorge 

Everyone who visits Bali wants to try to swing off the edge of the Balinese island and I did. It took a lot of screaming and adrenaline to do it but I did it in the end. Would I do it again, probably not I ain’t up for more adrenaline rush.

Shop and Bargain 

One thing Bali teaches you is how to bargain or get swindled quite easily. I think day one we got swindled into paying $5 for a $1 item but we got wise and didn’t buy if they didn’t meet our price. Sometimes you felt bag but 90% were happy to swindle you with no shame.