Back to School: Office Space Wishlist 

When I moved into my current apartment I promised myself I would set up an office space. A year later I did but now it’s more of a damping ground than working office space. I got a really lovely desk from Argos but now I feel the need to change it up. At the moment great solid oak furniture for the house is most appealing. I am also looking at changing up my chair as it gives me the worst back ache ever. Sometimes I sit in it for so long I only realise how long when my back starts to hurt.

With all of this going on and back to school becoming a reality Day in and out, I need change. I have been looking at items that will make my new office space a place I can work and be comfortable. A place I can be productive and work on achieving my goals and create new ones.

Office Space Wishlist 

New chair – whilst a desk is just as important I feel the type of chair one has, has even more impact. The chair I have cost a mere £9.99 self assemble from Argos, it was something I could afford then and needed it quick. I wasn’t thinking about my comfort, back alignment nor durability for me it was a quick fix. A year plus later and this quick fix is giving me back problems and now I prefer to work on the floor than my desk.

New desk: The desk as I said I wish to replace when I can afford it. The bottom drawer has given way and now I have no way to close it. It’s annoying bumping into it all the time and it has made other drawers lose too. I am in desperate need of a replacement but back to school puts that back on the wishlist.


Back to school definitely calls for new stationery like cute stickers, marker pens and highlighters. I have a few notebooks untouched but could still do with some more for good measure. It’s funny that I have so many pens and yet on any given day I struggle to find one that works. The plan is to empty out the pen drawers and declutter before purchasing new ones.

Candles: I know it’s weird but my office space at home has to have scented candles. I love burning candles in my home as I work, it is calming and just really relaxes me. I normally pick up a couple different scents in Primark or search for Yankee candles.

I am sure there are other items I could add to make my office space but I am a minimalist. These few items are what are currently sitting on my wishlist for my home office space. Do you have an allocated office work space at home? What are your must have items.