{Featured Brand} Sparkling Ice 

Sparkling Ice, the bold side of water with only 12 calories per bottle and contains vitamins. Recently we had an opportunity to attend the Oxford Foodies Festival and taste the five flavours offered by the company. The flavours include: Black Raspberry, Cloudy Lemon, Kiwi Strawberry, Orange Mango and Peach Nectarine. The Kiwi Strawberry and Black Raspberry are among our favourites but they are all equally yummy. Though in the UK there is only 5 flavours, the USA has about 20 flavours of different combinations.

Sparkling Ice 

Sparkling Ice #BoldSideOfWater

The UK branch of the company was started in 2016 but the headquarters was launched in 1999. Since its inception in the UK the brand has won two awards; Best new convenience in 2016 by Superdrug and Best Product on 2017. It is easy to see why the brand has already garnered up these awards, great tasting lightly carbonated water. The drinks are gluten and caffeine free with only 12 calories and contains vitamins.


Sparkling Ice 

With the health consciousness of today’s society a product that boosts such low calories and is good for you always wins. Prior to collaborating with the brand I had tried Mango orange and absolutely loved it. I am someone who rarely drinks water unless it is flavoured or fruit infused. It was an easier transition for me from other brands to Sparkling Ice as it catered to my needs.

Website Review

As with every brand with a website I like to take my time to explore the website and get familiar. I found that the website was really simple but nice looking in design and straight to the point. If you clicked on the product, you are presented with information on the flavour chosen and ingredients. Navigating away from the products you can read the short ‘about page‘ with useful information. The most useful I found was the FAQ page which has answered your frequently asked questions and address others too.

Sparkling Ice 

Thoughts on the products 

Sparkling flavoured water can be purchased from your local Tesco, Sainsbury’s, WHSmith and Superdrug. It comes in a 500mL individual bottles but two flavours (400mL) can be purchased in case of 4 per pack. Drinks are definitely lightly carbonated and can easily be mistaken for normal juice. I found the flavoured water tasted really nice and was very quenching.

Overall I love the 5 flavours that I have tried so far and now looking to try different drink recipes with Sparkling Ice. I highly recommend the brand to anyone like me who enjoys flavoured water or wants to try something new.