Virgin Sport {sister’s} Experience 

Late last week my sister and I had the great pleasure of being invited to a Virgin Sport event. It was held at Branson Estate owned by sir Richard Branson’s son-in-law, Freddie and his wife. The estate is in Oxfordshire, it’s a really nice drive down. When  approaching the estate you get a sense of lavish lifestyle and we felt fortunate to have experienced it even for the day.

When we arrived at the venue, we were escorted round go the “barn” part of the estate. Which to be honest for a regular Joe like me wouldn’t be classed as a barn it was Massive. A mini mansion really, the beauty of this event was that there were people from all respects. There was cross-fitters, fitness instructors, lucozade scientist, the press and bloggers all gathered for the upcoming half marathon. The Oxford Half Marathon is now the Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon which is being sponsored by Virgin Sport.

 If you’re not familiar with Virgin Sport then check out this brief summary. 

  •  Virgin Sport is co-founded by sir Richard Branson and his Son in law Freddie. It’s the newest companies within the Global Virgin Group, and is on a mission to move the world through sport.
  • Launched in January 2017 and has organised four events; London {Hackney & Westminster}, Oxford and San Francisco
  •  The main aim is to get everyone involved in sport by promoting active lifestyle experiences that bring people and communities together.
  • Virgin Sport combines running and fitness challenges with community focused events. Virgin Sport plans to grow to new cities and active experiences in the coming years.
  • There’s more than one way to get involved, if you’re not up for running you can be a spectathlete ( spectator athlete-supporter)
  • Virgin Sport is also passionate about getting more kids active and giving back to youth sports programs in their communities


With just under 4 weeks to go before the half marathon, we had an opportunity to ‘play around’. By play around I mean, participate in some strenuous exercises set up by the fitness and personal instructors. Marathon running is not just about practicing how to run but working your entire body and mind.

To gain the full experience, we were guided to the front of the house were we would take part in the activities. The aim was to get a different part of your body working and moving. Eight different exercise stations were set up with the idea of working in groups to do each section.

Each group had two people, the rules where both partners had to participate and complete before progression. Progression to the next section was also hindered by the previous group who had to finish before you could move.

  •  6 metre sprint then move to do 20 kettle bell springs and finish with walking lunges.
  • 25 rotational squints then move to walking lunches  and finish with 30 side to side planks.
  • To finish it all, work on sledge pulling and finish off with a 7-10 metre sprint to the finishing line.

I was on the advanced team and was able to push myself a little further than most. This was roughly the type of agility training that I tend to do at cross fit excluding the sledge pulling. I did this the first time I joined cross fit and for someone who hadn’t worked out in years, I struggled. The work out was fun, for the blood pumping and just give me a different experience.


After the workout we heard back into the “barn” for a Q&A on Virgin Sport as well as marathon prep. We discussed preparing for a half marathon, diets, tested the lucozade electrolyte water and got to share our training tactics. Prior to this meeting, I’d thought about how to shape my diet, training and mind towards the final outcome. Which for me is running the half marathon however something’s I hadn’t considered and hope to work on include:

  •  Diet: What will I eat before and after the half marathon
  • Exercise: How and what will I do once I’ve run the half marathon, no doubt I won’t give up cross fit. I hadn’t thought about a cool down routine or when I’d get back out there (Sunday fun runs).
  • Body: how long will it take for my body to recover from the half-marathon. What things am I going to implement to ensure I am still fighting fit.
  • Hydration: I have to keep drinking water.
  • Routine: The half marathon is fast approaching this doesn’t mean I should change my routine. I know what works for me and how my body responds that’s what I’ve got to adhere to. Not making sudden changes that’ll affect my performance on the day.

I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend the Virgin Sport Oxford Half Marathon Pre-Event. It has inspired me to focus on training, avoiding injuries and think about perfecting my routine. There is so much work that goes into preparing for marathons and I am glad to have the inside scoop.

  • CourtneyLynne Storms

    Oooo what a fun event!!!! I had no clue Virgin was now in sports! So cool!!

  • Wow I had no idea Virgin expanded their brand to sport! This is awesome as so many people are trying to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle!

  • I too haven’t heard of Virgin Sport but after going through the post, I really feel motivated to see that the Virgin group has taken a great initiative of spreading awareness of sports in community.

    • I am glad to hear that Jenny, thanks for stopping by

  • David Elliott

    Sounds like it was a pretty fun day out there with all of the training. I know we have a lot of Half Marathons out here. It would be really cool to be involved in one.

  • Esther Mukoro

    This is the first I have heard of the Virgin Sport Half Oxford Marathon and it’s a brilliant idea to get more people into active lifestyle through. I hope to do a marathon someday.

  • I’m not familiar with Virgin Sports, but is sounds like a supportive group

  • jennifuchs

    I hadn’t heard of Virgin Sport before. Thanks for sharing. And good luck with the marathon!

  • Nadia/Scandi Mummy

    I’m always impressed with anyone attempting a marathon. Good luck. Great to hear Virgin is supporting sports x

  • Battle Mum (BattleMum)

    I didn’t know the Virgin Group had moved into Sports as such. I am not a runner and doing even a half marathon would fill me with dread. I takw my hat off to you and others done one!

  • I have never heard of Virgin Sport until now. Sounds amazing. I wish I was fit enough to run a marathon. That would be so cool!

  • I am not a sports person. but reading this was very interesting. Thank you

  • Aine

    Ooh! Hadn’t heard of this before, but what a great initiative. Sounds like you had a ball

  • Jhilmil Bhansali

    Wow, I love sports and sports programs so much. Seems great that something like this has opened up to let people get sporty again.

  • I will never run a marathon, that’s for sure -but to those who do run them – SO MUCH CREDIT is due! My husband was crazy and decided 8 hours before the LA marathon that he was going to run it. And um, the last time he actually ran more than 2 miles was maybe 8 months prior? LOL!! But he did amazingly well. And I know if he actually TRAINED – he would have BLASTED through the finish line at like 3 hours!

  • Tracy Morgan

    This is the first time I’ve heard of Virgin Sport, but if Richard Branson is involved, it is bound to be a winner! Good luck in your half marathon!

  • Karyn Locke

    What a fun event! Looks like a great time was had by all!

  • Newcastle Family Life

    This sounds like a great event, I had not heard of Virgin Sport before x

  • This would be such an amazing event! I think it’s great that there was a marathon prep. I wouldn’t know what to keep in mind if I ever decided to do one.

  • Maro Akamatra

    I wish I could join such an event and get advice on my workout or lack there off. I need support on the matter and fast, ugh!

  • Ryan Sneltzer

    Very cool event. Looks like a good time!