{Fashion Monday} Topshop Wishlist 

Topshop Wishlist was inspired by my recent Topman Wishlist I put together for a millennial like my brother. As mentioned in the previous post, I have a dysfunctional relationship with Topshop (and Topman). Mostly it’s due to their sizes than price because they do have amazing pieces to swoon over.  My issue with the sizes is that they seem to be smaller than other fashion retailers and I know it’s an issue with others too.

Topshop is a British fashion company and a global retailer with over 500 stores worldwide with 300 of them in the UK alone. Practically every big city in the UK has a Topshop either as a store or inside places like Debenhams. As it’s a British shop it’s only fair I pay homage and share with you some of the items I am loving.

Topshop Wishlist #Autumn 

Summer has officially ended and autumn (or fall) is definitely in full swing, I layered up the entirety of last week. This is very unlike me but I am also not a fun of the cold weather so I buckled up. The items in the Wishlist are those that I have but looking to replace as my current ones have seen better days.

White Jeans 

For the first time ever I managed to buy white jeans from Primark end of August and I felt like an adult. White is not the easiest colour to keep clean so often I skip buying white jeans, skirts or shorts. It’s never really practice especially as I am never conscious of where I am sitting or what I am eating. But this year I took the plunge and I am not scared anymore so much that I am looking to get another pair. For someone tall like me it’s better to have full length than ruffled edges but I like redefining the normal.

Denim Jacket 

I must have been sixteen the last time I owned a denim jacket. Have mentioned before I have not yet mastered the art of denim on denim but I don’t have to start with that. I can start with just the denim jacket and pairing with my favourite outfits.

Ankle boots 

One thing I love wearing during autumn and winter are ankle boots especially in darker hues of my favourite colours. At the moment rich red is my favourite colour, last year I went lighter with tan coloured boots.

topshop wishlist

Biker jacket

Every closet should have a leather jacket or biker jacket of sort for many occasions. I have owned my New Look leather jacket for many years now, it is a staple in my closet. Though my leather jacket is faux leather I still think it adds another element to an outfit.

Clutch bag and accessories

When it comes to accessories an outfit I always am of the opinion that less is more. Whilst I am not sharing an outfit post but wishlist, I still have to think of the future outfits. When I saw these chained earrings I knew I would wear them on a night out. The clutch bag I picked has embroidery which I have been loving lots this year but not bought.

And there you have it, my Topshop wishlist with all the items I am loving this autumn. What are your favourite items from my list?