3 Best Parks in Denver for Kids

Having kids is always a challenge. There is a constant need to keep them entertained and stimulated. Time for playing, especially outdoor play, is a must. If you are relocating with your family soon, you’d want to choose a place that offers a lot of activities for kids.

3 Best Parks in Denver for Kids

Among the best places to live in if you want easy access to outdoor areas for your kids is Denver. It offers a staggering 200+ parks and 29 recreation centers. These are definitely too many to explore all at once. Whether you are about to relocate or already living in Denver, here are some of the best parks to bring your kids to.

  • Discovery Park. Located in the suburb of Wheat Ridge, Discovery Park offers several playgrounds for kids. It also has a climbing wall, a skate park, a splash pad, and a sand pit. No matter how old your children are, there is something here for all ages. There are more than enough areas for kids in this park and you’d run out of time exploring. You can also count on finding plenty of bathrooms and drinking fountains.
  • Pulaski Park and Playground. If your kids are a fan of wide open spaces, they’d have a blast at the grassy area in Pulaski Park. It is also a great place for walking your dog, if you have any. There are also children’s playgrounds for smaller kids and one is a specially designated playground for kids aged four years and below.
  • Westminster Center Park. More excitingly known as the Peter Pan Park, this park offers several play structures and a splash area. The London Bridge is great for bigger kids while the splash area will be a hit among smaller kids. Its Neverland-inspired play structure is also great for the little one’s imagination. You can also expect restrooms, picnic tables, and shelters.