5 Tips for Proper Mattress Maintenance

Nowadays, anybody can be something of a hospitality provider – thanks to services like Airbnb, Tripping.com, and FlipKey. Whether you have just a bed, a room, or a whole apartment/house you would like to rent out, you can successfully host complete strangers and let them stay in your property.

A lot of guests are also now more discerning when it comes to booking their accommodations – they sometimes look for a kind of hotel-level type of service even if booking through these vacation rental sites. Hence, for your rental property to be successful, you would need to offer so much more than just a place for your guests to sleep in.

Mattress Maintenance

5 Tips for Proper Mattress Maintenance

Among the most important considerations for you should be the mattress that you provide. Give your guests a peaceful, relaxing, and comfortable sleep that they will never forget, and you are guaranteed to see five-star ratings for your property. With the number of people who will be using the mattress in your property, make sure you know how to properly maintain them. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Use a mattress protector. This will go a long way in making sure that your mattress lasts a long time. Although you can certainly purchase wholesale mattresses, so you can replace your mattresses anytime you need to, it is vital for them to last a long time if you want your property rental to be profitable. Use a good quality mattress protector that offers waterproof protection right from the start – not as a remedy for an already overly used and worn mattress.
  • Rotate the mattress regularly. Whether you have a spring, a foam, a latex, or any other kind of mattress, it will greatly benefit from being rotated regularly. Try to do this every two to six months, depending on how frequently the mattress is used. This will help promote even wear on the mattress, preventing uneven depressions and softening.
  • Expose it to the sun. The sun is a great antibacterial agent. Ultraviolet light can kill germs and harmful bacteria so make sure to expose the mattress to the sun every month or two. Aside from letting the UV light disinfect your mattress, exposing it to the sun is a good way to air it out effectively. This will help rid it of any dampness and dust.
  • Vacuum your mattress. Do not just rely on the bed covers to protect your mattress from dust and dirt, because some of it will naturally get through the covers and into your mattress. Instead, vacuum it weekly or monthly depending on how often the mattress is used. This will help remove dust and dust mites.
  • Replace bed linens regularly. Always replace the bed linens after a guest has used it. Never let a bed linen be used by the next guest. Not only will it be good for keeping your mattress clean, it is what your guests will expect. It is not hygienic to re-use any bed linen, even if you have guests booked immediately after the last one.