Dinner at Cinnamon Kitchen Westgate Oxford 

Cinnamon Kitchen describes itself as an award-winning modern Indian restaurant offering modern Indian cuisines. I agree with this statement because though it took long to reach my mouth the food was absolutely delicious. Using creative and innovative British cooking techniques, Cinnamon Kitchen offers a new take on Indian Cuisine.

With an already successful branch in the city of London, Cinnamon Kitchen has added the Westgate branch in Oxford. Located on the roof terrace of the new shopping centre offering all day fine dining of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The restaurant also offers light bites, brunch and cocktails for a relaxed dinning pleasure.

Cinnamon Kitchen

Dinner at Cinnamon Kitchen

Though booking is highly recommended, you’re welcome to just turn up but will depend on availability. We had booked two weeks in advance and were very excited to try the ‘modern Indian Cuisine’. Our reservation was for 8 pm but we arrived 5 minutes early. The restaurant was half full with two large groups, three waiting staff and one bar staff. Because of how efficient everything seemed upon our arrival, we did not foresee any issues.

The Service { 2/5}

From the moment we were shown to our table, which was closer to the bar but blocked by a pillar. It took 25 minutes to have our food and drinks order taken plus has to remind staff to put water on our table. We were not off to a good start, we were hungry and almost ready to complain. It seemed like preferential treatment was offered to larger groups than to pairs and we noticed it with other customers too. The service improved greatly when I started noting things down, asking questions and informed them of this review. To be honest the service was appalling to begin with and though improved it was still an impression made. It is not a service I expected from such a fine dining restaurant that seemed to want to please its customers than not.  

Cinnamon Kitchen

The ambiance {4/5}

When we arrived the atmosphere was fairly relaxed and mostly calm with dipped lighting. Everyone seemed to be enjoying their company and the restaurant offering reasonably attentive staff. The decor throughout the restaurant was more romantic and very simple yet quite elegant. Each table was nicely set with cutlery for the main and for dessert as well as glasses and a candle was lit.

Price {2/5}

The total bill at the end was £75, we didn’t realise they charged for water too. The sea bass was £18 which I agree with but the tandoori prawn was £25 which I personally think was a little to high. Between 6 pm – 6.30 pm and at 9 pm, you can order from a set menu which is more affordable than individual items. The cocktail list was slightly limited but was also pricey, so was the cider which I ordered. Normally we I dine in oxford for £75 I would have great meal with drinks pouring out my ears. But here we had 1 drink each and water nothing else which was disappointing to say the least. 

Cinnamon Kitchen

The Food {5/5} – the main

After our order was placed, a complimentary starter of vegetable deep-fried balls slightly dipped in mango chutney sauce. The balls tasted amazing with playful flavours complimented by the mango chutney sauce. It was an explosion of known Indian taste but with exciting flavours.

I have not had Indian food for the longest time so I ordered what I considered a safe option. Char-grilled sea bass in banana leaf parcel, lime pickle and sticky rice. The sticky rice was made with stir fried spinach, carrots, coconut and mustard seed. On the side was the most delicious green mango and coconut chutney sauce. This meal was amazing I am still dreaming about it even now. 

The resident expert of food {aka my friend} requested a recommendation from the waiter of the best dish. He recommended Tandoori king prawns, Bengali turmeric curry, ghee rice and spinach poriyal. The meal was accompanied with a coconut sauce base making the flavours dance with every bite. She enjoyed her meal and couldn’t stop singing the praises of the accompanying sauce. 

The dessert {5/5} and drinks {3/5}

No dinner date is complete without a good dessert, we checked out the dinner menu for salivating options. I chose the mango and cardamom kulfi mango salad {£7}, Indian ice cream served with mango bits. It was absolutely delicious dessert that just melted on your tongue effortlessly. The resident food expert ordered Lassi Panama cotta orange and mint {£6.50}. This was another delicious dessert which my friend managed to polish off ever so quickly.

When it came to the drinks we knew exactly what we wanted, we ordered Rekorderlig (£6) and Merlot (£4.75). As I was going to be driving after dinner, I opted for a simple cider watered down throughout the meal. The resident food expert chose the Merlot to calm her nerves from prior poor service. Because of how pricey the drinks were we opted to just have one each plus table water. 

Final Thoughts

Cinnamon Kitchen in Westgate offers an open view kitchen to give diners a look into the food preparation. It has beautiful and calming decor even more impressive is the decor in the facilities area. The hall way to the rest room is lined with lit lanterns and dipped lighting.

There were three things I did not enjoy at Cinnamon Kitchen, the service, drinks menu and the prices. From being seated to ordering then getting the food, too much time had lapsed. Little things like bringing water to the table were missed until reminded. No forewarning nor option to order tap water instead of charging for table water. Service went overboard once bigger groups had left but too late to matter.

Looking at the price of the drinks and the meals, personally for Oxford I felt it was a bit steep. Not forgetting the portion size which in honesty did not match the price. But I feel the taste of the food made up for the up scale prices on the menu. The drinks were definitely steep compared to other restaurants in Oxford.

Other than that, the restaurant has amazing modern Indian foods which can be served mild or spicy. The quality is second to none which made the experience amazing and recommend it on that basis.

Disclaimer: This is not a commissioned post, all opinions shared are my own and from personal experience.