{Christmas 2017 #giftideas} Prestige Christmas Hampers 

Prestige Hampers are a UK company specialized in creating the best hampers and gifts for all occasions. The company prides itself in providing only the best and finest of the British products.

Hampers have traditionally been a sort of ‘care package’ type of gift containing your favourite goodies. When I started with my current company a few years back, a vendor sent us a Fortnum and Mason hamper. It was filled to the brim with all the goodies one could want from all over the world. Since then I have been a sucker for good hampers that contain amazing products and reasonable prices. This is why when the opportunity came to try one of Prestige Christmas Hampers I was happy to oblige. I received the Fabulous Christmas Hamper to try, a great present to include in the Christmas 2017 gift ideas series.

Prestige Christmas Hampers

Christmas 2017 gift ideas is a new Christmas series bringing you the best gift ideas for the festive period. I was always that person that bought Christmas presents a week if not the day before Christmas. Needless to say those presents where almost never the best idea but the worst. We all have family and friends whom we find difficult to buy presents for, make this year different.

Disclaimer: I was gifted this hamper in return for an honest review. All opinions shared are 100% honest and are my own.

I was informed from the beginning I would be receiving a hamper from the Luxury Hampers range. Like many people I checked out the range and was honestly blown away by the different types. I immediately assumed I would be getting the Christmas Royale {RP £329.99 on sale for £239.99} hamper. After all this was for a Christmas collaboration so I had high hopes.

When the hamper arrived, I was slightly disappointed in the size of it but not the content. I had psyched myself up for the Christmas Royale {I always aim higher in life} for was expecting a huge basket. There was no reason for me to expect that but to be honest I did, it was a nice thought on my part. But I must confess that when I did finally manage to open the Fabulous Christmas Hamper I was over the moon.

Prestige Christmas Hamper

Contents of the Fabulous Prestige Christmas Hamper {RP £49.99}

When you look at the hamper basket, you wouldn’t think 12 items would fit but they sure do. It was all nicely packed and fits amazingly in the basket but tricky to put it all back. The hamper had the following items:

  • Founders Stone Merlot 187ml
  • Founders Stone White Zinfandel 187ml
  • Natural Sea Salt Yorkshire Crisps 100g
  • Founders Stone Pinot Grigio 187ml
  • Pumpkin Seed and Cranberry Biscuits for Cheese 125g
  • Matthew Walker Luxury Gold Christmas Pudding 100g
  • English Afternoon Tea 20 Teabags
  • Honey Blond Chocolate Bar 50g
  • Belgian Marc de Champagne Fancy Truffles 200g
  • Belgian Chocolate Caramel Thins 80g
  • Mackays Scottish Strawberry Preserve 113g
  • Mackays Dundee Orange Marmalade 113g
  • Tall Handmade Wicker Basket

Whilst I can not yet give you an individual account of the items, I can say I loved the chocolate bar. For me the caramel thins are my least favourite as they are too sweet {and I have a huge sweet tooth}. I managed to share with my friend who loved them and the others like the wines I am still working through. It’s so easy to see why this hamper is one of the most popular on their hampers. This hamper is affordable and surprises people on how much content it has inside.

Prestige Christmas Hamper

Recommendations or Alternatives!!!

If you’re looking to treat a loved one this Christmas or even a friend then this is the one for you. But you could also check out other hampers to suit your budget and needs. What I am loving about Prestige Hampers is the variety of hampers offered. There is no ‘one size fits all’ hamper, they have simple ones to the most sophisticated hampers.

Prestige Hampers has the best for everyone, the food lover, the chocolate lover and even wine lover. Whatever the type of person you’re gifting a hamper to, they have just the right one.

Good to know items

  • Two ways to order; phone or website
  • Cancel or change; have the option to cancel or change your order but please check T’s and C’s.
  • Delivery – external company used, can not guarantee delivery date but aims to delivery to the date requested.
  • Accepts various types of cards for payment
  • Can not sell alcoholic drink gifts to under 18’s
  • Offers refunds but see T’s and C’s for more details
  • Customer service 9-5, Monday to Friday.

I am truly impressed with the various of the products and the quality too. Whilst some hampers are pricey,they have great hampers for all budgets.