Life is about pretty little moments

Life is about pretty little moments, no truer statement has ever been made than this one. I am all about enjoying the little moments in life and pretty little moments are even more special. It’s easy to get carried away with the hassle of daily life that we fail to enjoy the little moments. Of late I have made it my mission to enjoy the pretty little moments in my life. I started the local adventures series where I share local travels. Those who know me know how much I love to travel whenever I get the chance. This is one way I am enjoying life’s pretty little moments. Here are a few other ways I am embracing the pretty little moments life has given me.

Pretty little moments

Breakfast date with my sister 

On our recent local adventures to Waddesdon Manor we made a point of enjoying some breakfast. We ordered the full English and it was the moment delicious meal of the day for sure. It was made perfect because we shared it together as sisters and took our time. Regular readers of A July Dreamer know my sister is a regular feature and we often review restaurants and events together.

New Sexy nightwear from Hunkemöller 

I was recently sent a beautiful nightwear set from Hunkemöller and honestly I am in love. For me nightwear is just as important to have as a comfy mattress and beddings. Of late I hadn’t invested in a good pair so was honoured to have a chance to check out Hunkemöller’s clothing. What I am loving is how soft the material is and flexible in how it stretches. The colour is perfect and the lace on the top part of the top is absolutely adorable.

pretty little moments

Snacking on healthy treats 

I am someone who loves to snack on something constantly and unfortunately it’s not always healthy. Recently I was sent 4 Bear Nibbles called CLAWS which are 100% fruit and veg shapes with no added nonsense. I tried; Mango & Carrot, strawberry & butternut, blackcurrant & beetroot and apple, pear & pumpkin. Bear Nibbles offer ‘whole pure fruit and beg healthy snack low in natural sugars and never from concentrates’. If you think about these snacks in raw form you probably wouldn’t eat all but dried, they are delicious. Because of how healthy they are we are including them in my nephew’s snack box for school and mine for work.

Purchasing cute stationery 

Would you agree with the statement that “you can never have too much stationery”, because I do. I have lost count of how much I have both in my own home and my parents house, am addicted to cute stationery. On our recent local adventures to Waddesdon Manor we found some cute items especially this notebook with my favourite affirmation. I can and I will, powerful words to live by and use faithfully. Another I saw but did not buy was ‘made to last‘, I love such affirmations.

There are so many pretty little things in life that we take for granted like a nice cup of coffee. Or something as simple as social media detox and being in the moment.

Disclaimer: Some products mentioned were sent to me for inclusion in a post, all opinions shared are my own.