The Future of Sustainable Fashion 

Sustainable Fashion is defined as the manufacturing or marketing of clothing in a sustainable way. Which is friendly to the environment as well as social economic aspects. When you hear the term ‘Sustainable Fashion‘, what comes to mind? Do you think, Eco-friendly or organic? Recently there has been a call to action for the fashion industry to implement Sustainable Fashion. But as we all know the fashion industry is a billion dollar market which is not easily swayed. And not everyone is/are on board with Eco-friendly fashion and use of sustainable materials. On the blog today we are discussing Sustainable Fashion with Hawthorn who recently won Fashion Supplier of the year.

Sustainable Fashion

Who is Hawthorn?

Hawthorn is a clothing manufacturer, based in London but working internationally to produce high quality, fully custom garments. Our main customers are start up clothing brands that are creating unique collections. We are a specialist in helping emerging businesses in the fashion industry. We were once a clothing brand ourselves but found it difficult to find high quality manufacturing at low quantities. It was a tough environment for us as a start up clothing brand could manage. We started our own manufacturer overseas and this grew into creating our own garments as well as other brands.
Sustainable Fashion

How is Hawthorn leading the way in Sustainable Fashion? 

We have always been very passionate about the environment, and understand the great impact that the industry has. Because of this we have had a proactive drive to be able to bring sustainable fashion fabrics to our clients. Allowing them to produce ranges not only at a low quantity, but in an Eco-friendly way too. Examples of these fabrics are organic cotton, bamboo viscose and hemp.  All of which we can offer to start up clothing brands at the lowest minimum order quantities in the industry. The fashion industry is the second largest polluting industry in the world as it stands today. We are firm believers that, it is our responsibility to lead the way in creating a more sustainable manufacturing solution for future generations to come. By offering Eco-friendly fashion fabrics to the new brands we work with, we’re setting the scene for a future that includes more sustainable brands than ever before.
Sustainable Fashion

How can the fashion industry better improve?

The fashion industry is and always will be dominated by the large high street brands that everyone is familiar with, and to really make a difference it’s these businesses who need to do more. With that being said, they already are, but there needs to be more awareness in the consumer space to increase the demand, for which the big brands will then increase the supply. The best advice we can offer is that if you’re a consumer, try to buy sustainable fashion where possible, and if you’re a new brand, even if sustainable fashion isn’t a huge passion for you, the small increase in cost is worth it for the knowledge that you’re doing your bit for the environment, and it’s something that customers generally respect too.