Winter Travel Tips

Traveling during winter has always been a bit of a hit and miss for many people. To date I have been fortunate to have had fairly good experience traveling during winter and hope that doesn’t change. There are so many winter travel tips out there but most focus on your clothing than the journey. In a couple of weeks time I will be off to Rome then off to Frankfurt before winter sets in. Then during winter I have two more trips Prague {January 2018} and Pisa {February 2018}. All of these upcoming trips have prompted me to put together winter travel tips that you should consider.

winter travel tips


When it comes to dressing for winter, I take no prisoners and always aim for warmth. But with that comes extra baggage but consider fleece clothing and wear the winter coat than packing. I have cold feet by nature so I am always after insulated shoes and clothing. Ensure that you’ve packed, gloves, scarves, hats as well as coats to ensure you stay warm. Though I am always advocating adding colour to your wardrobe, winter travel calls for darker colours. This is because darker colours won’t show stains easily and pack waterproof items.

Check Flight Status

With the advancement in technology, we no longer have to rely on being at the airport to check flight status. I have downloaded airline apps and track my flights religiously for any changes. During winter there are always delays of some sort so its important to check flight status. Make sure to also check the airlines social media for any issues and also check the weather.

Avoid connecting flights {where possible}

I am an advocate for connecting flights because it allows me to add another country to my itinerary. But during winter if I can avoid it I prefer to have direct flights only. I would also suggest to book morning flights than evening flights as morning are rarely interrupted. And even if they are cancelled you have chance to rebook or be moved to another flight.

Have the Correct Travel Insurance

Whenever I travel anywhere in the world I always ensure I have the correct insurance with me. I always check with my bank whom I have the insurance with what is covered and what isn’t. For those with pre-existing conditions, consider single trip medical travel insurance. Having the correct medical travel insurance is so important to avoid unforeseen medical bills should something happens. Always double-check before traveling what kind of insurance you need and should have for every trip.

Stock up on snacks

Those who know me know I am a sucker for snacks, I am always snacking on something. I recently discovered Bear Nibbles which are 100% pure fruit and veg snacks with no additives.  One thing that I always make sure I pack is protein bars and chocolates. Yes you want to eat healthy but sometimes I feel having some chocolate around never hurt anyone. Also pack an empty bottle so you can fill it up with water or juice when on the go.

Charge your devices

Whenever there are delays with flights people find themselves looking for charging ports at airports. Make sure to charge devices in advance, pack portable chargers and put phone on low power mode. I always ensure to remove any background updates that might be happening on my phone to save the battery.

Traveling regardless of the season should be fun but also calming and relaxing. Putting together winter travel tips is one way I can ensure to have stress free travel. What are some of your winter travel tips that you use?