Best Experience Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Experience Gifts

As Christmas looms around the corner and we’re counting down our days to the most-awaited season of the year. We can’t help but get ecstatic and overjoyed. It’s going to be the season of love and charity all over again.

Christmas is still the season of giving. But remember that gifts are not limited to physical gifts. There are other alternatives that can be as meaningful and memorable. Give your loved ones the gift of experience instead. Below are some experience gifts you may give any season of the year.

  1. Travel / Vacation

Gifts don’t necessarily need to be in the form of something material and tangible. It could be expressed in many ways, and bringing your partner in life or your family to someplace else is one of those things. It will surely be a memorable experience that couldn’t be matched by the fanciest gadgets and jewelry such as amber jewelry. Going to another place is always about the excitement of exploration and adventure. Be it in a luxurious city such as Singapore, London, Paris, or Milan, or be it a date with nature such as the Grand Canyon and the wonderful islands of the Philippines. Any travel gift is something everybody will love and treasure for the rest of their lives.

  1. Quality time together

Of course, you can opt out of travel if you want to spend Christmas with your family and loved ones at home. Instead, what you can do is set aside a time when you can do something together. It can be some time at the park with your kids, a movie night with your friend, or a dinner you made with your siblings. The key is to do something together and enjoy each other’s company.

  1. Charity

One of the most selfless acts you or your significant other can do this season is to give to the less fortunate. While you might not get back materially the things you gave, the rewarding feeling of being able to help those who are in need is something that will truly captivate the heart of the giver. Give to charity on behalf of the person you’re supposed to give the gift to. A lot of charities have cards that you can give instead which will also let the person know you gave to charity for them.