Shopping in store vs online 

Shopping in store vs online as a shopaholic is not usually a difficult question because it depends circumstances. Mostly for me what is my current situation in terms of work and free time I have at hand? Can afford to take the ‘time and effort’ to visit the store then I would, but not for everything. If time is limited then I do my shopping online because it is ‘easier and convenient’.

The choice on whether to do my shopping in store vs online is also dependent on the product I need. If I need to feel the product then it’s easy I will take the time to visit the store. Whereas if the product is something simple like a portable radiator an image and reviews are enough.

shopping in store

Shopping in store vs online pros and cons 

I think you can tell quite easily some of the pros and cons associated with in-store or online shopping. But we are all different and most people will have a preference for one and not the other. I personally thing it is mostly dependent on personal circumstances.


  • Easy and convenient
  • Accessibility
  • Reviews
  • More choice
  • Current stock status
  • Quick and efficient process

In store 

  • Customer relations
  • Can try on

  • Can’t not try it on
  • Too much choice of distribution
  • Might not be as expected e.g. colour not as originally thought

In store 

  • Time and effort to get to store
  • No awareness of product status prior to shopping

Practically speaking it is prudent for both big and small companies to consider the resourcefulness of online shopping. The future of shopping in store vs online is one that is constantly debated upon and for good reason. We’ve seen our high street shops go under because shops ain’t having the same turnover. Online stores are slowly taking over but not completely because people will always need to brick and mortar. I personally feel both shopping in store and online can thrive when utilized correctly by companies.

* has put together an impressive infographic which highlights the future of shopping.