{Fashion Monday} Simply Beach Wishlist

Simply Beach Wishlist consists of all items I am hoping my family will remember to add to my Christmas list. When I was putting together this Wishlist I thought, my biggest summer adventure is months and months away. But as they say, you can never be too prepared so I have started planning what I will need. Normally I would have left it a couple of weeks before but the more mature me has learnt her lesson. So why have I chosen Simply Beach as the focus point for my search of swimwear?

Simply Beach are the UK’s leading luxury swimwear retailers since they launched in summer of 2004. With a wide array of choices and supplying the most on-trend styles to make every woman feel their best. I know nothing makes me more happy than having an amazing *swimwear at the beach. Earlier in the year I shared a piece I picked up from Simply Beach and mentioned why I chose the piece. For me I love items that I can multi-purpose, like the Freya bra I chose last time. To this day, it’s still one of my go-to bras for all occasions.

Simply Beach WishlistWhat I love about Simply Beach is they bring together the most sought after swimwear brands and put them in one place. I love that they are always busy introducing new labels which we’ve heard of and others which are new to most of us. Don’t wait for summer to come before purchasing your favourite swim suit, now it’s the perfect time to get that suit. I also find it motivational to buy swimwear now so I can focus on working on my bikini body.

Simply Beach Wishlist

Now that you know why I am choosing swimwear now, here are some of the items I am totally loving. The fedora, shorts and t-shirt are not from Simply Beach but are essential items I carry to the beach with me.

Beach Towel – #1 essential item

Whether I intend to dip my toes into the sea or not I always carry a beach time with me. Normally so I have something to lie on as I enjoy the sun or watch the world so by in the serenity of the beach atmosphere. I have chosen the Fringe Benefits Ikat signature towel, I just love the look of the print and fringe.

Chelsea Bandeau Swimsuit

Those who know me know I love my one piece more than a two piece. Mostly because I don’t have a flat tummy and the one piece flatters me which I love and improves my self-confidence. I simply love the colour and design of this bodysuit, it looks sexy without trying too much

Sarong wrap with Fringe

As you can tell I all about the Fringe during summer time and especially at the beach than anywhere else. There times when you want to go walk about but don’t want to get dressed, a sarong is a great accessory for that.

Beach Bag #2

One thing I never go to the beach without is my beach bag in fact I have several bags which I use as beach bags. I love having a large bag where I can dump everything I carried or purchase whilst at the beach. Seafolly has got some great swimwear accessories that go hand in hand with most items.

Swimwear Accessories

Apart from the sarong I love carrying my sunglasses and flip-flops with me when I am off to the beach. We don’t get much sun in the UK but I can guarantee you we all walk with our shades for the once in a lifetime opportunity the sun shines. I have several pairs at home, in my car and even at work as you never know.

And there you have it, all the items on my Simply Beach Wishlist. It is never to early to start thinking of summer items that you need, it’s cold and miserable at the moment so this keeps me cheerful.