{Fashion Monday} 5 must have Winter Fashion Items

Half way through January 2018 and it’s freezing cold, here are 5 must have winter fashion items in your wardrobe.

Winter Fashion items
It’s weird to think we are already half way through the month when it literally just started it. Not sure if it feels the same for everyone but it does feel like 2018 is moving a little too fast. The cold weather isn’t helping because most of us are stuck indoors trying to stay warm and finishing up the cakes. I have somehow found my love of cooking and baking again and been cooking and baking up a storm. By the time spring will be coming along I think I will be weighing as much as my house. But that’s usually what happens isn’t it, we comfort eat during the winter and hibernate resulting in big bellies.

{Fashion Monday} 5 Must Have Winter Fashion Items

Every winter there are 5 must have winter fashion items that I ensure to have in my wardrobe. As a summer baby I can’t deal with the cold and to be honest I don’t like being cold one bit. I may not be good at buying winter clothes but I do have the essentials that keep me going winter after winter.

Knee high boots

Winter in the UK is practically year round and often I have my boots on the ready because you never know. I have a couple of knee-high boots that I love and my latest purchase is from JD Williams. These are my first from them but I love how they fit perfectly and be wearing them ever daily.

Winter cardigan

I have a number of cardigans but none warmer than the one I got from the Sweater Shop, an Irish knit wear company. It has been my go to sweater since I got it, it’s warm and snugly and I can’t get enough of it. I think everyone should have a sweater like this to keep you warm especially as the temperatures drop. Often I wear it when I don’t want to turn the heating on at home.

5 Must Have Winter Fashion Items

Thermal Christmas Socks

I have had these socks for 4 Christmas now, they are one of these best socks I have ever had. Back then I didn’t think I would wear them past Christmas but 4 years on I wear them along with my sweater to keep myself warm. It’s alarming how expensive the gas bill is during winter so I often don’t switch my heating on until a few hours before bed. The socks are thermal and totally keep me warm and since I have cold feet I wear them to bed too.

Scarf 🧣

Traveling to Prague last weekend I appreciated my blanket scarf even more so than ever before. I have scarves of all shapes, sizes and in multiple colours which I wear daily. Scarves are a great accessory which can help make an outfit but also keeps you fashionably warm. Blanket scarves are my favourite kind during winter months as they can be worn in all sorts of ways. I also have a few scarves my mother knit for me, you can check out her eBay store.

Winter coat

And lastly it wouldn’t be right to have a 5 must have winter fashion items post without a winter coat. As I mentioned the UK is pretty much cold throughout the year and though I don’t wear my winter coat outside winter it’s essential to have. I have three New Look and H&M coats that I have had for years and still keep me warm today.

There is only one thing I love about winter months, staying in my pajamas and drinking hot cocoa.