How to Beat the January Blues in 2018

New Year! New You?

I have never been one to delude myself with such statements and often prefer a more sensible approach. Why? Because I know myself only too well. I would much rather set SMART achievable goals than plot New Year’s Resolutions. Resolutions which come end January, end March at best I would have forgotten and forsaken, no thanks.

Whilst the rest of the world is reflecting on the newly ended year, some are already suffering from January Blues. How do the January Blues manifest themselves? Well it differs in each individual but are you;

  • Lacking motivation? Whilst this can also be attributed to either laziness or too much turkey stuffing.
  • Anxiety creeping in all the time
  • Low mood most of the time?
  • Low libido – also try some Viagra {just in case}

Or maybe for you its none of the above. But maybe its seeing other people excelling in their lives and nothing is happening in yours. No matter how many times we tell ourselves not to compare your start to someone’s middle, we still do it. It is the nature of the best, but it doesn’t always have to be like that. We can make small changes to beat the January Blues.

January Blues, how-to beat January Blues

How to Beat the January Blues in 2018

Whilst most of us are still high on the fun of the festive period others are planing ways to beat the January Blues. Are you on the former or the latter side? I am feeling more in the former than the latter camp because well, I used my January Blues tips I shared last year to peck myself up.

This year, I thought I share more tips on how you can beat the January Blues in 2018;

Declutter your Home

When was the last time you decluttered your home? Recently or are there cobwebs in that area? I try to declutter every 6 weeks but for the last few months I have only done minimal. January is the perfect time to declutter, wanting to start the New Year afresh. You don’t have to declutter your home all at once, but pace yourself and tackle rooms individually.

Have something to look forward to!

I have found when one has something to look forward to your mind doesn’t often wonder on the unnecessary things. For me I focus my mind on whatever it is I am looking forward to and that helps me manage my January Blues. I put together some ideas of what you can plan and look forward to in 2018;

  • A getaway or holiday
  • Dinner date with friends
  • Plan a birthday party
  • Have afternoon tea

Start a new routine

We are a creatures of habit and sometimes you don’t even realise it until someone points it out. Starting a new routine makes you think more about what you want to do and achieve. It takes your mind off feeling low and unmotivated to do new things. Whilst others like me experience January Blues mildly, others it can take a real toll. A new routine of something you’ve always wanted to do, or something that fits perfectly into your current routine.

Is it;

  • Joining your local yoga class or running group
  • Waking up 10 minutes earlier
  • Adding meditation to your routine?

It can be anything you want, take time to look at your current routine, what you can add or remove.

Be realistic with your goals!

Let’s get real for a moment, whilst I think starting a new routine is much easier, it’s not the same for others. It’s all well and good me saying ‘declutter your home’ or ‘start a new routine’ but are you willing to follow through? Most of us start with the right intentions and are pumped about starting something new. Review your past, your history and figure out why you’ve never been able to stick to anything. Why do you end up quitting whatever you start and not seeing it to completion. Be realistic with your goals, don’t over commit yourself to something that will only make you feel bad.

Anyone can overcome the January Blues, the question is, are you willing to put in the work?