January Blues ~ how to deal with them. 

January blues, how are you dealing with them? It dawned on me that I was am suffering from a bad case of January blues and had to bring it to an end. I mean, just over 4 weeks ago we were celebrating Christmas and before we knew it the new year. For those of us who managed to get time off during the festive period, adjusting back to work is proving fatal. I can not for the life of me concentrate for longer than 2-3 hours at a time before wanting to fall asleep. So in order to break this crazy motion of January Blues, I decided to share what I am practicing.

January Blues

Book a holiday

Yes I know 90% of us are doing no-spend January but booking a holiday now gives you something to look forward to. You can pass time and boredom by marking up the calendar daily as the days fall to the waste side. A holiday does not need to be abroad, it can be a staycation within your country even city if you want. I had a lovely concert to attend with my sister in Birmingham and we made it into a nice staycation by booking a hotel near by.

Be social and meet up with friends 

I should really practice what I preach because I am so bad at meeting up with friends. Over the festive period a couple of friends and I had spa day then spent few days at mine. After that I have pretty much been a hermit only leaving my house for work though 90% of the time I am WFH. It was lovely having friends over so much that I have arranged to meet up with others sometime soon.

Be active

Again I should practice what I preach more often because though I am going it’s not nearly enough. I joined the gym last year many and went religiously until my 2-week vacation to Johannesburg in September. After that it was pretty hard to attend due to university, work plus blogging then festive period. Before I knew it, it was January and as mentioned above I am going just not enough.

Look after you

How to look after you adequately can only be defined by you. Some of us taking care of us could be a simple case of alone time or date night. Others it could be a lot more than that and might require some planning.

These are some of the things that are helping me conquer the  January blues?