Fitness Goals 2018 – Why I won’t be setting any!

Fitness goals 2018 anyone? Yep I won’t be setting any such goals or make resolutions that I will just drop. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti goals but I am anti resolutions even though I set yearly goals. I rather much prefer to take a different approach to being more healthier in 2018 without restrictive timelines. Being healthier for me in 2018 is making wiser decisions firstly on the food I feed my body. Here is a back story to why I won’t be setting fitness goals 2018;

Mid 2016 I manage a conscious decision to start going to the gym 3-4 times a week. This wasn’t always easy for me but I found classes that worked around my schedule. Before I knew it, I had a routine that worked wonders for me, I motivated myself to go work out. One thing I never changed is what kind of food I consumed, this made my fitness goals tough. Those who know me know how much I love sugar in practically everything, sometimes I just lick it. Yes I know its gross but its been a habit of mine since I was 7. As a realistic person, I know this is not something I will give up anytime fast. I know, if I make tiny adjustments here and there I can definitely wean myself off the hard core.

Fitness goals 2018

Now you have the back story, here is what I will be doing instead of setting fitness goals 2018. And this is all about working on my body from the inside but also working outside. The women’s sportswear market has me wanting to ensure I have some cute gear. Whilst I won’t be hitting the gym any time soon, even working out at home I can look cute. I have so much gym gear that is no longer fit for purpose so I need some ladies sportswear inspiration.

Fitness Goals 2018 Ideas

Since I won’t be setting myself fitness goals 2018 I figured I share some ideas I have instead. The ideas are those that will blend into my current routine without forcing change. Whilst change is good, it is not always welcome especially if it involves change in my routine. You see, I am a creature of habit and it takes me some time before I can embrace change. Obviously not in ALL situations but I don’t believe in disrupting a system that works perfectly already.

With that being said, here are some of the ways I will be blending fitness into my current routine;

  • I do these 10 things before 10 am, before I wake up I can blend in some stretches. During breakfast I can blend in healthier food choices.
  • Speaking of healthier choices, I love to cook but eating for me is a social thing. I find it harder to cook and eat alone. But it is not impossible and lately I have been eating a lot more at home.
  • Healthier social choices, when I eat out I always indulge in something sweet. I have to make a conscious decision to opt for healthier version.
  • Reducing sugar consumption, as I mentioned its a habit that won’t be easy to break. Instead of giving up sugar completely, I have minimized my consumption of it.
  • Stay hydrated, drinking water is hard for me except when I am home where sugar is next to me. I am used to drinking flavoured water as somehow British water tastes everything weird.

Whilst I am not about to set fitness goals 2018, I feel this smaller changes will be more beneficial. And maybe since I am not calling them fitness goals, its much easier for me to absorb. I am more willing to work on them because they are not disruptive to my current routine but support it.

Have you set in Fitness Goals for 2018?