Celebrate Galentines Day with Gifts online 4 U

Galetines Day is a day dedicated to women celebrating women, a day before Valentine’s Day. It stems from the drama Parks and Recreation, it started out as a joke and now its every woman’s day. It is a day dedicated to showing our fellow woman our love and for me that’s my mother. I like that it’s a day before Valentine’s Day so those in relationships don’t have to time split.

Galetines Day


When I was thinking of celebrating Galentines Day all I could think about was treating my mum. When I was young Valentine’s Day was for the young couples so never really saw my parents celebrate it. I thought about treating my mum and thanks to Gifts Online 4 U, I get to treat my mum with a Personalised Gift. But don’t worry, I won’t just focus on what I am giving my mum, but I have some ideas of what you can get your female friends.

Celebrate Galentines Day with Gifts online 4 U

I have promised I won’t just be focusing on what I got my mum thanks to Gifts Online 4 U. But I still have to share a little about the gift and why I chose Engraved Gifts for Her. When I was young, my mother always personalised our items; school clothes and lunch boxes. It became a thing that I would grow up to love big time and though of as a gift of love. Somehow it showed mum had taken the time to make this for me and me alone. I felt for that reason Engraved Watches would be the perfect gift for her; its personalised and gives time. Giving my parents my time is one thing I am focusing on a lot this year as they celebrate 30 years of marriage.

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For those still searching for ideas on what to get there loved ones, Gifts online 4 U has a wide range of items. I am sure you will find something even for the toughest persons to shop for. The following items are what I would recommend;

Galentines and Valentine’s Days Gift Ideas.

  • Personalised Moet With Free Chocolates {£59.99} – everyone loves of good bottle of wine and some chocolates. I know I do love both and I am sure your lady-love or friend would appreciate this gift big time.
  • Personalised Jack Daniels Gifts – not everyone likes wine, why not try some whisky instead. I am a huge lover of Jack Daniels {with a chaser} and know many people are too.
  • Jewelry {Personalised Valentine’s Day gift} – if your love or friend doesn’t like drinking then Jewelry is the answer. I for one love jewelry and probably own a little too much but I am yet to get personalised Jewelry.

Sometimes for both Galentines Day and Valentine’s Day, people just want to spend time together and nothing else. Which I think is perfectly fine and can make for a romantic day doing nothing but spend time together. Whatever you decide to do or a way you show your love, do it from your heart. Because in the end, that’s all that really matters.