Summer Road Trips Preps {Car Maintenance}

Winter seems to have lasted longer than legally allowed so most of us are looking forward to summer road trips. You might have noticed I have skipped over Spring because well it’s not relevant. The last few weeks have been an extension of Winter and Spring is nowhere to be found. I for one am looking forward to some good dose of summer weather to top up on my Vitamin D.

Summer Road Trips

Family road trips are one of my favourite pastime adventures we used to enjoy when I was younger. Moving to the UK we found ourselves partaking in loads of road trips across the country. I have wonderful memories of us driving to Scotland from Cambridge, 8 long hours. To be honest, back then I never thought about what car preparations my father undertook. It is only now that I myself am a driver that’s when it has clicked that I need to plan ahead. In this article I have compiled a list of some summer road trips tips to help with your preparation.

Summer Road Trips Preps

Whether you will be driving across Europe or within the UK, there are some tips everyone should know. I have only been driving for under a year and I often need to refer to the car manual for guidance. Ok to be fair before I refer to the manual, I always call my father first {cheaper and quicker} for advice. Whether you’re an experienced driver or not, it’s important to prepare your car for any road trips.

Be prepared

Preparation is the key to success and a wonderful road trip experience, there are several ways you can prepare. Depending on where you’re going, the time of the year and whose traveling, preparation can vary. But regardless of the aforementioned, you need to ensure that you have;

  • Emergency kit: check that it contains a first aid box, a blanket and flash light
  • GPS: make sure either your car GPS or your other GPS devices are up-to-date
  • Read owners manual: very important to have a refresher read of your car manual

Get car serviced

One thing has it totally new to me is getting my car serviced, it’s due for its service next week. I am still reading up on what the servicing will include but I do know many garages like *Kwik Fit offer car servicing. Depending on whether your car is having its first service or the millionth, they all include;

  • Basic maintenance – checking your air filters and oil changes this includes engine maintenance too.
  • Check your brakes
  • Get your tyres checked
  • Check the battery

Pack Smart

As an avid traveler, I have become quite an expert when it comes to packing for flights but not road trips. We’ve got a couple of summer road trips in the works and I am trying to figure out what we will need. Obviously I am not limited of space but you want to ensure the basics are covered. You can carry as much as you light but its important to remember not to;

  • Over pack above your car’s load capacity

Snacks and Drinks

One thing that can hinder any good summer road trips is not having the right snacks or drinks. Every time I travel I always have a load of snacks and beverages to keep the trip interesting. Whilst I try to stay as healthy as I possibly can, a good dose of chocolates and crisps always welcome. So make sure for your next road trip you stay;

  • Stay hydrated
  • and keep loads of sweets and energy bars.

Road assistance program

Part of the services that I get from my bank is the road assistance should I need it, currently its with AA. Whilst I have never needed it before, it is good and handy to have a road assistance program. Many UK insurance companies offer these as part of the insurance, it definitely work considering. Nothing ruins a good road trip than being stuck somewhere and have no help whatsoever.

I am sure many people have loads of tips for what people can do to make the summer road trips enjoyable. Share your comments on what else we should include for these summer road trips.