Winter in Luxembourg: 7 Things to do

Did you know that Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in Europe and is one of the richest too? I didn’t because it is a country that is often overlooked for its neighboring countries; Germany, France and Belgium. Luxembourg is so small that you can drive fro the north to the south in just two hours and you’re done. It truly is that small but let me tell you, what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty.

Winter in Luxembourg

At the beginning of March 2018, I flew to Frankfurt Germany and hopped on a bus to Luxembourg city. For all my budget travelers, its not a cheap city that’s for sure and only has ONE HOSTEL, Luxembourg City Hostel. Book this hostel in advance as its very popular with backpackers and budget travelers alike. Something to also note about this incredible small European city is that, on Saturday TRANSPORT IS FREE. Get booking and explore this UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE on your next European Adventure.

Winter in Luxembourg: 7 Things To Do

Winter in Luxembourg is no joke, it can be anything from fairy tale snow covered castle tops to blooming freezing. But that shouldn’t be the reason not to visit, the reason should be, you’ve already been several times. I know I would love to visit Luxembourg again in warmer weather and tour it all. But if you can’t wait for warmer weather and want to experience Winter in Luxembourg, then you can. Here are some of the things we managed to do during our Winter in Luxembourg Adventure.

Tour the City on Foot

The advantage of Luxembourg being a small country is that you can walk across the city on foot and enjoy the scenery. One disadvantage is the fact that Luxembourg is on a hill and to get to either side you have to climb up and down. During Winter in Luxembourg, this can be such a trying time as its blooming cold and definitely not forgiving. Make sure to pack your walking boots and wearing your thermals and winter coats because you will need it. Another great advantage is that, at every high point you get across the city, you get such incredible views.

Winter in Luxembourg

Visit the Bock Casemates

The Casemates were once a underground defense system where Luxembourgers came to hide from the bombs. Today they are part of the UNESCO World Heritage and inside you will find an archeological crypt. The casemates were first constructed by the Spanish back in the 17th century but it was the French who enlarged them. In 963, the count of Ardennes, Siegfried acquired the Bock from Saint Maximin Abbey in Trier.

Chemin De La Corniche

The Chemin de la Corniche is thought to be one of the most beautiful balcony in Europe and the views are impressive. We were able to admire the views of the city both during the day and at night, it was definitely worth it. This impressive balcony was built by the Spanish and French around the same time the Casemates were constructed. And if you opt to stay at Luxembourg City Hostel, the balcony is only a 5 minute walk up the hill.

Check out William II’s Statue

Located in Place Guillaume II this statue is one with full of fascination, did you know that it was made by two sculptures? One created the made and the other made the figure, William ruled Luxembourg and gave it its first parliamentary constitution.

Winter in Luxembourg

Go to Church at Nôtre Dame Cathedral

Nôtre Dame Cathedral is a Roman Catholic church located in Southern Luxembourg and the only cathedral in the country. The corner stone was laid in 1613 and previously the church was a Jesuit church, it is an important church in Luxembourg. During our visit we were able to attend mass and listen to some hymns whilst escaping the harsh winter.

Dig into some sweets, enjoy a hot chocolate and see the Palace

As a chocolate lover, I knew the Chocolate House was one place I wasn’t going to miss checking out. This quaint little chocolate shop was a highlight of our visit and made winter in Luxembourg attractive. Situated right in front of the Grand Ducal Palace, this cosy little shop has the best quality chocolates ever. We were able to purchase a load of chocolates in loads of flavours, I am still enjoying them.

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MUDAM a museum of modern art located in the Southern Luxembourg and sits on the old Fort Thüngen. It is 15 minutes walk from Luxembourg youth hostel and displays various exhibitions including paintings. What we loved the most apart from the art pieces was the cafe inside the museum.

There is so much to do and see in Luxembourg, I would definitely love to visit during warmer months. Leave any questions you might have about Luxembourg in the comments below.

Winter in Luxembourg