24-HRS in Frankfurt City – more than a #layover city

Have Frankfurt as a #layover city before your final destination? Are you limited on time but want to know the best places to see in Frankfurt? Or do you just want to explore this incredible city in a day? Well this guide aims to offer some tips and ideas on how you can do that in just 24-HRS.

Traveling is in my blood, I am a nomad at heart and very proud one at that. My mother has an expression for people like me that I can not repeat on social media but it’s true. My arse literally hurts if I do travel somewhere regardless of whether it’s Local Adventures or flying off into the sunset. The last two years of my life have been the best I have ever had because I made a decision to live for me. I decided to not wait on people to make me happy and to reach for my own goals and not expect someone else to do it. Life is all about choices and I made sure the ones I make are those that put me front and centre in my own life.

24-HRS in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is the financial capital of not only Germany but Europe too with over 450 banking institutions. I have never seen so many banks in my city before, everywhere I went every corner I turned I saw a banking institution of sort.

How-to get into the city of Frankfurt

Frankfurt has two airports, International and Hahn airport, the closest is the international airport which is 12 km away. Whilst Hahn airport is a good 156 km away from the city center but much closer to the wine city of Germany Mainz. Depending on which airport you fly into will determine how much time you can allocate to exploring Frankfurt. If you fly into the international airport the fastest way is taking the train but bus options are available and much cheaper.

If you however flying into Hahn airport then I am afraid you only have bus services, which are very frequent and inexpensive. But it is very important to note that many buses get full pretty quickly so ALWAYS buy tickets online. Another reason to get tickets in advance or online it, its 3 euros cheaper than on the day. It might not seem like much but trust me it does add up when traveling on a budget.

Regardless of which airport you fly into, Frankfurt is amazing and if time is an issue consider these places.


How-to spend your limited time wisely in Frankfurt?

How you spend time touring Frankfurt will depend on how much time you have to spare. I often recommend taking a tour bus especially when you’re limited on time. A fellow blogger put together some good reasons to take the Hop on/off bus. For me it is such an efficient way of traveling and most cases it does save me money and allows me to prioritize.

I recently flew into Frankfurt Hahn airport and allocated 24 hours or less to touring Frankfurt. The city is huge but there are places which you can explore without breaking the bank. Whenever I travel I like to have at least 5 places I want to explore in the city. The rest of the time I am happy to just wander around or find somewhere nice to sit and people watch.

Here are some of the places I managed to see whilst in Frankfurt and you can too.


What I love about many European cities is the fact that they all have ‘old town’ areas, must see places. Romerberg is an old central square which depicts how the old once medieval city of Frankfurt looked like. Most of the city was destroyed during the WWI and this is the only part of that has been recreated. The old town is such a cool party of the city and I was fortunate to visit when they were hosting Christmas markets.


Eiserner Steg

Also known as the Iron footbridge which is 170 meters long and connects the city with Sachsenhausen district. It is located close to the Romerberg area making it very accessible especially for a nice stroll on the other side.

Main Tower

If you’re looking for a bird’s eye view of Frankfurt, main tower named after river main will give you that. It is the only open right building open to the public for about 7 euros to enjoy panoramic views. There is definitely no better way to enjoy the views of Frankfurt than riding the elevator to the top. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to ride the elevator as it was packed with tourists.

Goethe House

This was once a home to German’s most famous writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe now it is a museum. To be honest at first I walked pasted is as it does not really scream attention. It was pretty difficult to take full pictures of it too due to how narrow the street is. The house was totally destroyed during the WWII but was fully restored with original furnishings.

Whilst I managed to see a number of other places too, I very much enjoyed walking around in Romerberg. After all it was all festive and I was feeling the Christmas spirit which I couldn’t resist. You can check out how other folks spend a day touring Frankfurt for more ideas.

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