• Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men

    Fashion fits all regardless of your gender, our Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men holds some ideas. Just like women, men can be very stylish with their personal preference on what makes them happy. There is no better time than Christmas to bring out the fashionista within you to sparkle. Our Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men is exactly that, for men with some tips on dressing for the season. 

    Every Friday throughout November and until the Friday before Christmas,  A July Dreamer helping you prepare for the festive season. With only a couple of weeks left before Christmas, we decided to share the best gift ideas. This week we have put together a Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men. Last week we shared Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Women and shared some interesting ideas.

    Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men

    Men generally are hard people to shop for, though if you know someone well then you would know the best gift. I always think, if your true intention is to give the gift from the heart then money shouldn’t be a factor. Yes, it would be nice to buy an expensive gift but only if it’s from the heart and it’s needed. Our Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men article will focus on essentials and meaningful ideas.

    Winter Wool Coat

    Winter has come early and though technically its still autumn, its pretty cold outside. When it comes to buying presents for the men in my life, I often struggle until I change my view. Instead of it being a mere gift, I want to it be something practical and meaningful to the recipient. I know my father would be happy to reach a nice winter wool coat for Christmas as he can wear it for a long time.

    Winter Sweater

    At the beginning of the year, I invested in good quality sweaters for my father and brother. I think when it comes to buying clothes for men, it’s better to choose quality over quantity. Not sure about the men in your life but mine wear one thing forever. Christmas is a perfect time to add more items that they love to their closet. 

    Wrist Watch

    A wristwatch for men is as special as shoes and handbags to women, such essential pieces. Over the last couple of years, the men in my life have invested in good quality wristwatches. Whilst a Rolex will always be their top choice, lately, wooden watches have taken the lead. These wooden watches are not only stylish but eco-friendly, renewable, lightweight and durable too. 

    Lounge Pants

    I love nothing more than being comfortably dressed when I am home and lounge pants are the answer. In the last few years, dad has really upped the notch on the number of lounge pants he owns. It therefore makes sense for us to include them on his Christmas list of essentials. 


    Sweatshirts are perfect weekend attire when combined with some jeans and sneakers. I love that my brother has a few of them in different colours and wears them often. This makes it easier for me to choose such an item when buying Christmas gifts.

    Winter Boots

    With the weather forecast predicting snow in the next few weeks, winter boots are even more essential. I personally own enough to open my own store but the men in my life have at least 1 each. Winter Boots would make a prefect gift for any man as the weather becomes colder. 

    Scarf & Beanie Hat

    No fashion gift guide is complete without accessories, especially for the winter season. Most of us women own a number of scarves and various hats but not the same for some men.  A nice mustard or burgundy coloured scarves for this time of year would be perfect gifts. Often the men in my life avoid anything colour and choose dull colours. Well, am changing that this year by adding some colour to their lives. 

    We hope our Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men will be helpful when you starting purchasing gifts for the men. I always go for usefulness and practicality when buying gifts for the men in my life. 

    Fashion fits all regardless of your gender, our Fashion Christmas Gift Guide for Men holds some ideas. Just like women, men can be very stylish with their personal preference on what makes them happy.

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    1. November 28, 2018 / 5:10 am

      They all look so good, hard to choose. But as a man 😀 winter boots are the best thing you can gift

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