How to visit Dubai on a budget

With international travel looking more likely I am excited to be planning a visit to Dubai on a budget of course because I want to do more trips this year since we didn’t get to travel much last year. Last year was the first time I did not spend my birthday abroad and though I don’t mind spending my birthday alone, after the year we’ve had I am looking forward to something different. This will be our first international trip in over 10 months, the longest travel dry spell ever but I know I am fortunate to have managed to squeeze in a trip to Venice last September and 4 others between Jan and Mar last year. But as a frequent traveller it somehow felt like a punishment not to be able to travel but one that I have actually enjoyed as it’s helped me to save up more money for my longer vacation plans.

The last time I went to Dubai was a couple years ago for my 30th birthday and it was the best trip ever. Granted I went incognito and didn’t share much about the trip (a first for me), I knew I wanted to return for a better look and I am glad to be planning to visit Dubai on a budget with my sister. Travelling for the next couple of months (even years) is not going to be like in the past where I could book things last minute without much thought or planning. Travel this time round requires you to be prepared extensively from booking your covid tests (pre and post trip) to saving enough money in case you need to isolate abroad etc.

With international travel looking more likely I am excited to be planning a visit to Dubai on a budget of course because I want to do more trips this year since we didn't get to travel much last year. Last year was the first time I did not spend my birthday abroad and though I don't mind spending my birthday alone, after the year we've had I am looking forward to something different.

How to Visit Dubai on a Budget

The last time I visited Dubai I barely spent any money on the trip because we chose to pre-book everything and spent more of our time at the hotel. In all honesty, it is possible to visit Dubai on a budget, the answer is it depends on your budget but it does help to pre-book things in advance. If you really want to know to visit Dubai on a budget then look no further than Char’s Merry Musings who shared tips on how to enjoy a luxury trip to Dubai on a budget. After some reason, here is how we plan to enjoy our girls trip to the Arab Emirates for 5 long days.

Use Get Your Guide for Budget Tours

If you are looking for cheap or budget friendly tours in Dubai I recommend (Groupon ain’t too shabby either). I use them in every city I visit to find affordable tours and we have been searching for some affordable tours of the Burj Khalifa and hope we find what we like so we can book it before out travels.

burj al arab saudi
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Sunbathing is Free

Obviously Dubai has enough beaches for us to sunbath on and we intend to do as much of sunbathing as we possibly can. During my last visit I loved that our hotel lead out to the beach and they had a bath in the sea and that was what my birthday needed. Even sunbathing at the beach is not possible, we intend to sunbathe at our hotel which has 3 outdoor pools.

Get yourself the entertainer

Apparently the Entertainer is all the rave in UAV, it’s a magazine and app that offers discounts and specials on restaurants, hotels, and activities. We are definitely planning on checking the entertainer out for some discount especially on restaurants and activities as we have a huge itinerary of things we want to see whilst in Dubai and we want to stretch our budget as much as possible.

Visit old Dubai

Once you leave all the glamour behind, Old Dubai is the place to be and many people have shared how its one of the most affordable places in Dubai so we intend to visit that are for sure and sample some of their restaurants. Al Bastakiya is in the old Dubai and its one of the places we can not wait to hit this part of the city.

Explore the Marina

During my last visit I spent a lot of time in the Marina and can not wait to revisit it again and recommend it highly, its free to wander plus it has a lot of nice skyscrapers and yachts. On this visit I hope I will be able to be bougie and at least book a ride on one of these yachts

There are so many things you can do in Dubai which are affordable and it is possible to visit Dubai on a budget, you just need to know your budget.

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22 responses to “How to visit Dubai on a budget”

  1. Sarah Bailey says:

    I have to admit Dubai sounds like an interesting place to go and visit – I would love to go one day and it is great you can do it on a budget.

  2. Jess Howliston says:

    These are some great tips, I hope you have an amazing time when you revisit! Dubai is definitely a destination I would love to visit myself some day and its great to hear its possible without completely blowing the bank too!

  3. Honestly when I think of going to Dubai, always think that I need a lot of money. This is actually very good. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Kira says:

    Dubai on a budget is music to my ears! I definitely thought it was a more luxurious and expensive get away

  5. I’ve been to Dubai and I bought the Entertainer book. Some great discounts in there. It’s definitely worth buying.

  6. A very helpful guide. We would love to visit Dubai but found the costs when we had researched it a lot more expensive than we could afford. Will definitely be utilising your tips.

  7. I have always wanted to go to Dubai! These are some great tips on how to budget if your planning a visit, tempted to plan ahead

  8. Rhian Westbury says:

    I’d really love to visit Dubai and it’s good to know that it can be done on a budget if needed. Sunbathing in a hot climate sounds like a dream at the moment x

  9. Di Hickman says:

    Wow Dubai is definitely not somewhere I think of when I think budget vacation. These tips are great, thanks so much!

  10. I have never been to Dubai but it is one place on our bucket list to visit, we have thought about going on a stop over to Australia which is another place on our bucket list

  11. Chérylene says:

    I really miss travelling and I would love to go to Dubai. With the current situation, saving money while travelling is definitely something that comes handy for me! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  12. Always thought that dubai was for the rich and wealthy! This made me think that i could actually come and visit the place hahaha

  13. knycx says:

    Dubai is on my budget list and I am planning to go there once the borders are open. So thank you very much for your guide and it is very useful to me.

  14. Kenneth says:

    heard a lot of good things about dubai,,,i wana go there not only to visit but to work too being a chef on a cruise ship may give me a good opportunity there at the same time to travel during my off days

  15. Ben Cross says:

    Ah Dubai! I would certainly love to visit somebody. I must confess I could not believe it was possible to visit Dubai on a budget. Very useful!

  16. bye:myself says:

    Who would have thought that it’s possible to visit Dubai on a budget. To me, it’s all Burj Al Arab and gilded door knobs. Hence, very informative post!

  17. Dubai is one of the places I want to travel. I have seen so many Dubai stories.

  18. Ivan Jose says:

    I love everything about Dubai. I thought it was such an expensive destination so it’s refreshing to know that you could actually tour in on budget.

  19. Michele… Do not take your vacation money that you saved to go see your sister in South Carolina to go to Dubai. Do not do it Michele… You put the thought into my head…. hmmmmm

  20. rbaiano22 says:

    I had no idea you could go here on a budget!!! It looks like an amazing trip

  21. I never calculated the idea that it was possible to visit Dubai without necessarily facing a luxury stay! Guide to save for travel arrangements!

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