Birthday Wishlist


Hi there, so my birthday is coming up and so is my 1 year blogaversay so got so much to do and plan. Anyway today I would like to share with you what’s on my Birthday wishlist and I am so excited because with my job I can personally afford these items one at a time but when you gat lovely friends and family why not toss it their way too (lol).


1. Y’all I need me a chromebook or MAC because I blog on my Ipad during the week and it ain’t no easy thing.  So I have decided to get me one of these soon



2. I need car before or immediately after my birthday, this is the year that I get a car and my own place so Family and Friends you up for this wish

3. There is no question about this one because its a done deal, I  will aim to do some vlogs whilst I am back home.

4-6. These I plan to do at least one for my birthday and then one in September and another in October

So this is my so expensive birthday wishlist but then again you only live once so why not? Whats your birthday wishlist like apart from happiness, good health and world peace?


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