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Making friends has never been a hard thing for me to do since I was a kid, I attribute this quality to my talkative self and my very smiling and friendly mother. Growing up I thought people who could not make friends where sad and mean (obviously being grown up I now know otherwise) because as humans we cannot survive without having family and friends, that is just the nature of the beast. Exactly a year today I talked about making new friends on this very blog, I would very much like to say I am still friends with most of those people but sadly it was not to be. We changed and evolved, which is to be expected and is welcomed but only if the change is to be a better human being and not someone who is out to destroy other people’s happiness. Since I am not one to focus on bad things I will move on (laughingly), I love making friends and I enjoy that companionship that we humans crave. Since last year I have made new friends and I would like to think the choice of friends I have now are better than before or maybe I am just more observant (probably suspicious) of everyone so not to experience same things again. You remember I mentioned on my 2nd blog how I met my friend M on the bus to work and I discussed how certain life experiences can actually make you crawl back into a shell and remove yourself from the scene of friend making etc. well I have gotten over that and I am making friends every day (obviously not all will be there for life, some God just puts them there to guide you through a certain time of your life and others are for life. Ever since M and I have been friends we talk about everything and if there are issues between us we address them openly, I will give you an example. When I got back from my holiday today I was in one state of tiredness that on day two of being back at work I was not myself, M tells me we met on day two of my return to work but I don’t even recall (that’s how tired I was) and she said I was not myself like I completely blanked her (which I don’t recall still) etc. we didn’t see each other for two more days and I was at home one night when I thought to myself ya’know I have not seen M in a while just as I was about to text her she call me and we talked about my supposed blankness. We obviously discussed it and got to the root cause and we are fine but I like this kind of dialogue not just sitting at home stewing because you miss read the situation etc. open dialogue is the way forward.

Now, last night M and I decided to have our long tradition of going out at least once a month for dinner after work. Last night we went to The Slug & Lettuce restaurant, this was my first time at this restaurant and I loved it. The atmosphere was epic, it was romantic, it was kids free (nothing against kids just no one screaming or throwing a fit) and the décor was a beauty. Walking in we were greeted by a very lovely young man who was ok for us to choose our own sitting. Our waitress was American we had so many chats and wonderful moments, she made our time their absolutely fun and she was very helpful. Me and M don’t need any alcohol or any other incentives in our system to bring the house down and talk as if we don’t see each other every day on the bus. But even then I wanted me a glass of wine which I got, I was a little disappointed with my wine because I requested a sweet young and the waitress suggested one which she claimed was really sweet but our definition of sweet seems to be very different. My definition is more syrup (or diabetes in a bottle) and hers was more bitter lime, other than that everything was great. For the meals I order “Grilled chicken, bacon and avocado Salad” and M had something with lots of chicken (see how much attention I pay to my friends order) you can check out their food menu here. I am really impressed with this restaurant and I am ready to go back soon, if you ever in oxford you can check it I recommend it. Their desserts are just to die for and they are 2 for 1 all day (I secretly jumped up and down like a kid when I read this on the menu), M and I both had Caramel Apple crumble pie – she had hers with custard I had with vanilla ice cream and I did not regret my choice.

The Slug And Lettuce, Oxford
1 Oxford Castle
New Road

Loving my leather @hm #pants and @newlook flats

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For my work outfit which then turned into dinner outfit I wore: H&M leather trousers and H&M loose blouse in baby pink with these mesh looking flats from New Look. To complete this look and the odd one out I worn the loom bands bracelet I made from the loom bands I was sent by I have never made or even worn loom bands before so I was excited to try and make something from loom bands so much that I went onto YouTube and learnt how to do the bracelets without any other machinery (or equipment). I feel like the loom band bracelet added a nice touch to my overall outfit because the colours somehow complimented each other.

Have you ever made loom band bracelets? How are you at making friends?


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  1. Ayana Pitterson
    November 6, 2014 / 3:47 am

    Those yellow flats are the BIZ! I am actually not a dessert person. Never order it and don’t swoon over it. But, I hear it’s a great thing…lol.

    Thrifting Diva

    • November 7, 2014 / 3:16 pm

      Honey you are missing out but that’s ok you can always attack the mains lol

  2. corisbigmouth
    November 2, 2014 / 5:15 am

    Dessssert! Yummy! I want some now! Ps love the shoes!

    • November 7, 2014 / 3:17 pm

      Thanks hun I am a dessert lover too

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