{Travel} Zambian Trip – Hunter’s Dry

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Hi there! I know its been yonkers since I went and came back from my beloved Zambia but I have been so busy with other posts and work that I had not had the opportunity to share my travels with you (I am yet to document Munich, Germany). I had so much fun being at home with my cousins and new friends, I missed them so much. Mum told me last time we visited that when me and my cousins were kids we were thick as thieves and I can totally see that now. Whilst with my cousins in the capital they introduced me to Hunter’s dry, Good lord in heaven! I had never heard or hunter’s dry before didn’t even know if it was a spirit or cider so I was a bit sceptical but ready to try anything in that heat. Boy oh boy did we have fun with hunter’s dry, next time I am there I am getting me another case (to my self). Though I am not a ‘drinker’ per se I do enjoy an occasional spirit of sorts I am not a big Cider fan but I will admit to having liked hunter’s dry which I am yet to find in the UK. It is always a pleasure and a blessing to spend time with family and I am grateful to have such loving family and friends.