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Home Decor wishlist

For the last few months I have been sharing with you my desire to have my own place and at month my dream came true. I move into my apartment in the next few weeks and I am so excited but as I mentioned in decorating my first apartment post it is a bit daunting. I will be moving into an unfurnished apartment so the possibilities are endless even with my limited budget. Ever since I shared the post on home decors trends that never fall out of fashion I have had a bit of time thinking about what I want to get for my bedroom since in my decorating m y first apartment post I mostly just covered the living room.

Bedroom wishlist


I have not mentioned this about my apartment but it is on the top floor and because its more like an old attic the walls are not all straight so I have to be creative on what kind of furniture and furnishings I need to have in my place. In my bedroom only 1 and half of the walls are straight and the half past is all kinds of crazy shapes. I need a bed, a dresser, side table and washing basket in my room. I am making it clutter free because I know I clutter very easily and takes me forever to clear it up, I am also thinking maybe a shoe rack will be useful to have since I do not want my shoes to be lying in my kitchen/living room area. The main item that I need for my room apart from a bed is a wardrobe and once that will have enough compartments and will cater to my needs. I saw a beautiful, stylish yet simple looking wardrobe that I want in my new place. The minute I saw it I knew I had to have it and it is at such a reasonable price of £103 in Zurleys, I love simple at the same time stylish wardrobes and I can definitely see myself purchasing this one.

What was the first item you bought for your bedroom?

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 Disclaimer: I collaborated with Zurleys to bring you this home decor wishlist regardless all opinions are 100% my own.