{Review} 14 Days of Skinny Teatox

Skinny teatox

For the last couple of weeks I had been hearing a lot about teatox and if I am honest I had no clue what it was or what it even meant but I was curious and wanted to know more. Whilst doing my research (googling) I read a few articles that explained that teatox is a form of detox that can help people lose weight without reducing their calorie intake, this sounded well and good for me since one of my goals this year is to lose a stone so I can go back to being size 10. As luck would have it I was chosen as part of the BrandBacker campaign in conjunction with skinny teatox to trial their 14 day teatox and share my results with you. I decided to measure myself before I started the skinny teatox and I weighed in at 73kg, which if I am honest I cringe about because I have always been below 65kg.

The 14 day skinny teatox came with 2 bags one containing loose tea leaves and another with 7 tea bags. The tea leaves are for the morning and the tea bags every other night. In the box was also a strawberry shaped tea leave holder (for lack of better word), the instructions were simple enough and I started my teatox journey with the evening tea. Because I have a sweet tooth I had to put in a small teaspoon of sugar to enjoy the tea which was not bitter but I just needed my sugar. The instructions mentioned the night tea had senna so you needed to have access to the toilet facilities throughtout the day, for me this was not a problem as throughout the teatox journey I did not feel as though I had a senna effects as my bowel movement was normal and regular. The morning tea which can be drunk in afternoon had appetite suppressant properties which I felt at the beginning but my clever body worked it out fast and after 7 days I was having my afternoon sugar rush. I have been exercising every morning and my diet is better than usual. I have lost a few inches off my waist, thighs and arms as well as lost a bit of weight. I am not attributing all of this success to the teatox program as I am doing T-25, shakeology and the Teatox so it is my belief that the combination of these and proper diet has attributed to my weight loss and energy boost.

Would I recommend this program to my readers, I would say yes but check with your GP or dietician as these products affect everyone differently. Some reviewers have reported excess diarrhoea where as some like me it had no effect what so ever.

Have you ever tried any try of teatox?

What has been your experience?


Disclaimer – I was sent the 14 day teatox for the purpose of a review from skinny teatox via Brandbacker, no monetary compensation was received for this post.