monthly goals

Hi there and welcome to the July 2015 monthly goals, time has been flying so fast it’s making my head spin. It is nice to sit back once in a while and reflect on how things have been going so far in 2015. I will not lie I have been having the best year so far, when I think about how 2014 started and how messed up I was emotionally I am even laughing now as I type this as it was bloody hard. But look at me now, here I am having the best time of my life and excited to see what is in store for me. I am not saying I have it all figured out or that everything is perfect, I am saying I am not giving negativity two cents on my time instead I am just going to continue to live it up.

I would love to do a half year recap but ain’t nobody gat time for that instead I will share my June goals and then share some of my July goals which honestly I am thinking up as I am writing this post.


Apartment – Spend a weekend sorting out what to give or throw and what to keep. I want to maintain my simple is more goal. FAIL, work had left me with no time.

Blog – Attend all blog meet-ups I have been invited to, lately I had been slacking and need to change and meet other bloggers. SUCCESS, I attended the afternoon tea London tour

Blog – Complete all current reviews before accepting any new ones, I am so behind and need to really get on top of this. I am still learning how to say NO. PART SUCCESS, not completed all the reviews nor have I turned down all the offers.

Blog – Finish all the Korea posts and get permission & photos to blog about my brother’s wedding. PARTIAL SUCCESS, I finished all the Korea posts but forgot to get permission and photos for blog about my brother’s wedding.

Blog – Start working on improving my blog stats. FAIL, not even had chance to work on this.

Holiday – I have the third weekend in June booked for a mini getaway but I want to book another for the 4th weekend in June. SUCCESS, I went to Brighton for the third weekend in June and to Brussels for the Fourth weekend in June.

I think I did ok in June and as I always say not ticking off all the goals is not the end of the world, I will do some of the ones not done another time.


Weekend Getaways – July is my birthday Monday and it is also my blogavesary month, so instead of hosting a giveaway or detail my blogging journey I will be treating myself to TWO home weekend getaway and TWO abroad weekend getaway this month.





Me Time – I know this is silly especially since my first goal for July is weekend getaways but I really need to make some time for me and I mean some much needed me time. It was awesome to find myself in Brussels, a city I had never been to and knew no one. Somehow it was liberating and I want to continue doing this.

Make time for Friends – Its crazy that I even need to write it down but honestly I am becoming the worst friend ever, apart from my BF in Korea who I chat with daily and M I hardly talk to my friends so I need to make time.

Blog Sponsorship – May and June saw me actually get back some profit from blogging, I want to continue this and I am making it my next goal for the blog.

T-25 – I am in week three of Alpha phase and I can already seem some change in my body, I want to make sure I complete Alpha and progress to Beta with noticeable results.

These are my goals for July, it’s a special month for me so I will definitely be doing things that make me happy.