A Refreshing Summer


How much do you love summer? I personally love it more than any other season, it might have something to do with the fact that I am a summer baby and that I was born in one of the hot climates on earth but aside from that I love summer. I love it because well it’s summer, I don’t have to wear layers nor tights (I have a love/hate relationship with tights) and generally people are more happier and more relaxed when the weather is warm than when it is cold and beating down on your like a hurricane.

There are so many things one can do in summer and I have noticed my fellow bloggers showing off what they have been doing so far to welcome summer and to create memories with their kids. I do not yet have kids but I hope one day when I do they will enjoy summer as much as I do. [A little secret, though I love summer big time somehow I eat more ice cream in winter than I do summer] Now that you know my secret I wanted to share another secret, I am not good at eating healthy and it’s even worse for me in summer. Most people eat more lighter meals in summer like salads (YUCK!!) – unless I prepared them, I on the other hand am not a big fan of lighter meals I will eat my normal meal but just smaller than usual. Summer 2015 I want to give something new a try which is the Lean Greens superfood powder, I have never tried this product before but for what it claims I am ready to put a little bit of faith and try it out.


Lean Greens Contains:

  • 5 of the most powerful grasses and algae, creating an alkaline blend helping flush your body of toxins.
  • 3 Superfood Vegetables packed with vitamins and minerals,keeping you topped up all day.
  • A Fruit Combo of Blueberries and blackcurrants, widely regarded as some of the healthiest fruits to add to your diet.
  • 6 Digestive Enzymes, aiding gut health, reducing that uncomfortable bloated feeling and building health from your inside out.
  • And finally, the metabolic and energy powerhouses of Siberian Ginseng and Green Tea to give the blend an extra zing!

I definitely want to rid my body of harmful toxins, top-up on my vitamins and minerals, maintaining a healthy gut and overall have energy throughout the day. To do this I have decided to daily try this product by making myself a refreshing drink to aid me in my need for a refreshing summer.

How does one go about making a refreshing drink for a refreshing summer? Simple, get some juice, add some superfood supplement powder (optional) and add some ice. The lean green superfood supplement does not have the usual green supplement smell and mixes well with water. I have been drinking mainly with my morning juice but will be adding it to my smoothies too. Lean Green offers a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied you can return the product with no hassle, I think that says a lot about them and the confidence they have.


I recently was sent a 2 in 1 ice maker/ice mold tray (£10.97) which has really changed the way I make my refreshing summer drinks. The ice maker tray is easy to use but where it differs from usual ice trays is it is made from Silicone. Silicone ice trays won’t crack or break like plastic trays. This durable ice mold tray stacks neatly in your freezer and keeps your refrigerator organized. It is also leak-free, easy to fill, does not crack while freezing and won’t tip over in the freezer. The ice balls once ready do not melt as fast as the normal ice cubes do which has been a blessing in this awesome summer weather we have been enjoying. My drinks are staying cooler longer than usual.

How refreshing is your summer so far?


Disclosure: The products mentioned in this post were sent to me for free in exchange for an honest review, regardless all opinions are 100% my own.



  1. July 30, 2015 / 9:22 am

    I love the ice tray. I have never ever seen ice balls before and I don’t know why. It’s always cubes!
    And all I can eat in summer is salads! All I ever want is something light. This is probably due to the fact our cultures are entirely different haha I love summer but can’t cope with heat! I am a little bit envious of you

    • July 30, 2015 / 10:47 am

      I had only ever seen ice balls in movies not in real life but now that i have my own I love it. I am not big on light meals but I do appreciate then now and again. I love the sun and absolutely can not get enough even when I get heat rash lol

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