{Beauty} Beach Bag Essentials


Last weekend boo and I with friends were thinking of heading to Europe for a quick weekend getaway, but because of the issues with the Europe tunnel we couldn’t get tickets for tunnel nor the ferry for the time we wanted. We then settled to spend the weekend in the UK and go to Brighton, the last time boo and I went to Brighton beach was for my 26th birthday weekend getaway. But I had recently gone to Brighton last month to review the Travelodge hotel, regardless since it was time spent together I was happy to go back.

Since the planning to go to the beach was last-minute so was my packing, boo and I do not yet live together so we agreed to meet someone in the centre before boarding the train to Brighton. I knew that whatever I carried to the beach with me should all be able to fit into my backpack. Last year summer I had shared my beach essential items and if I am honest not much has changed I am still carrying sunscreen, towels and sunglasses but what I did not carry for the last-minute change in plan and beach getaway was; hat, sandals nor kindle. I did however carry the following;

Beach towel – It is important to carry a beach towel when going to the beach, I picked up mine several years ago in spain and to this day it is still beautiful and I use it daily as my every day tile.

Vodafone Prime 6 tablet – I gave my iPad away to my dad earlier this year and a few weeks later I got this android tablet. Because I love to read when I can and the beach being the best place to do that I took this tablet with me.

Sunglasses РI always say you can  never go wrong with a good pair of sunnies to protect your eyes when out and about.

Skin protection – Now I have mentioned several times on this blog the importance of protecting your skin when out and about in the sun. What I should have also included is the after sun protection lotion, most of us carry sunscreens but after sun lotion is never something most think about. I have been using Hawaiian‘s aftersun lotion since it was sent to me as part of the BzzAgent earlier this year, it is a nice product which I highly recommend.

Bathing suit – For those who intend to dip into the ocean like I did it’s always nice to pack a nice bathing suit of your choice. I am yet to have the flat ab tummy to wear a two piece bikini so instead I wear a one piece which suits me rather well.

Snacks – Going to the beach can sometimes bring up unexpected expenses and for some reason things at the beach are always expenses. Boo and I were both thinking the same so we both brought some snacks with us and bought some food before we headed to the beach since we knew it would be cheaper. But we did dab into an old ice cream or two.

These are some of the essential items I carried with me for my last-minute visit to the beach.

What do you carry in your beach bag?