{Guest Post} Beach Party Dress Code


I’ve styled numerous celebrities, helped plenty of “regular” people style up their outfits for important events, participated in organizing high-class weddings, beach parties, over the top birthday bashes, etc. and with all this experience I’ve learned that style is an inborn feature but that it also can be nurtured in a person who lets their kitsch guard down and lets experts like myself and plenty of my amazing colleagues help out.

Out of all the people and events I’ve been engaged with, to my surprise – most common style mistakes had to do with beach parties. And, to some extend – I get that. You want to look fabulous (especially if we are talking an A-lister’s party) but then again it’s summer and it’s hot and it’s supposed to be casual.

Not to let a what-was-she-thinking-moment happen to you I’ve listed some of the things you should and should not wear when attending a beach party.

Here we go…

High heelsHigh Heels

It’s a beach party. I do understand you want to look taller, make your legs look slimmer, and that tushy go plump on you but still – unless the party is in a hotel or a closed space with actual floor, don’t wear high heels. Instead, opt for strippy sandals, gladiator boots or open toe flats. Even ballet flats in light colors may work.

Makeup and hairMake-up

Too much makeup is a killer of any outfit, especially the one you were going to wear for the beach party. Say goodbye to all that contouring and go with that easy-breezy makeup style. A lot of mascara will make your eyes pop, a slightly darker blush (depending on your skin tone, opt for darker shades of bronze or pink) will add drama to your cheekbones and a glossy lipstick will look summery fresh but make a statement.

Oh and, under no circumstances wear a full-on bun on a beach event. A messy bun is okay while your hair slicked back like you’ve just emerged from the water, or light, tousled hair are definitely the best choices!


Summertime is all about accessorizing! Huge hat pieces, statement necklaces and bracelets, oversized bags and such similar articles are an absolute must! Can you honestly imagine attending a fabulous party without sporting an amazing head-piece? Of course not!

Going for fabulous designer accessories featuring ethnic or marine ornaments like sea stars, anchors, animals, etc. may be really cute! If you overdo it, though – you’ll just look tacky!

Tight clothesTight clothes

If you opt for a tight outfit for a beach party don’t be surprised if you end up being the talk of the party. In a bad way, though. Summer is all about easy put-togethers and you want to look effortlessly chic for a beach event! Flowy dresses, tunics, wrap dresses, shorts, flowy trousers (the best materials are cotton, linen, silk, Georgette, poly crepe, etc) paired with see-through tops (always wear a bra or a top of your bikini underneath!)… Anything too stiff will suffocate you.


Playsuits are my favorite piece of clothing for a beach event! There are so many options when it comes to this chameleon outfit! Dressing a playsuit down makes it a perfect option for a day event while dressing it up creates a fabulous outfit for an even more fabulous A-list party. Paired up with a floor-length lacy cape or wrap, simple sandals and a stand-out piece of jewellery, a playsuit will make you look like a queen!

I honestly hope you’ll take at least some of my advice. Now, go enjoy your party and look fabulous!


Disclosure: This post was authored by Peter, a fashion stylist and a writer from Brisbane, Australia. Who has worked as a wardrobe assistant for Fashion Festival Brisbane!