2015 Monthly Goals {November}

monthly goals

Hi there and welcome to November! I can not seriously believe how fast time has been moving over the last 10 months, can you believe that we are already in the eleventh month of the year? 2015 has been a truly great and blessed year for me hands down. It has definitely made up for how crappy 2014 was for me, I am forever thankful and grateful for everything that has happened in my life thus far. I can not wait to see what 2016 looks like for me personally, private life and work.

As most of my everyday readers will have noticed I only blogged twice in October and about 10 posts in September, I have to confess that blogging has been taking such a big seat back because I just wanted to slow down and enjoy everything I have and work I have been working towards. I hope November will be a little different and I hope to blog every day (no promises).


Another month has come upon us when we need to look over the previous goals and plan some goals for the future. The biggest goals for me this month is to deliver my nephews presents that I got from the new york and new jersey before his 3rd birthday which is in a couple of days from now. I can not believe he will be three already, looking at him now he looks 5 because of his height even his clothes are about 2 sizes up.

Last month I shared the following goals and now will shall take a look at what I managed to accomplish and what I will be moving forward.


  • Read 4 books – I have not read a book since March, I have been slacking big time. I absolutely love reading but put this on a back burner for far too long. FAILED – not touched a single book
  • Mini vacation – I need another mini vacation to just be somewhere and do something new again. PASSED – went to NYC for work and stayed 4 days longer for some me time
  • Blogging schedule – I need to get my blogging schedule backup and running. FAILED – blogged twice and that’s it.
  • Reviews – finish off all reviews before accepting new ones. FAILED – started but didn’t complete any due to busy work schedule
  • Socialise more – I love spending time at home more than I love going out because all my friends live so far but I need to make this conscience change to get out more even alone. PASSED – met some work colleagues for the first time and spent lots of time with new friends.

October was not a very products month for me blog-wise but I hope to do better in November.


  • Blog daily in November – I wanted to join the blog everyday challenge but thought best I do my own thing but still in the same spirit.
  • Blog schedule – This time last year I had nailed and perfected the art of blog scheduling but now I do not think I could tell my elbow from my feet. I plan to work on this every weekend.
  • Review all products received – Over the last couple of months has received so many products which I have still not had a chance to review so I plan to do that soon.
  • Read more – August, September and October I set myself goals to read about 4 books and blog about them but I have failed each time so this time I will just read what I can when I can and if I blog about it great.
  • Buy christmas cards – I know christmas is not too far off so I need to get cards for all the people I need to send to.
  • Socialise more – I am putting this one again because my social skills are disappearing because I spent so much time watching korea shows, dramas and music that I don’t have time for anything else. This needs to change.
  • Buy christmas decorations – This is my first apartment, my own place to decorate as I please. I am so excited I can not wait.

These are all my goals for November, there some more personal goals that I am setting for myself which will be shared in good time.

Do you set goals for yourself? How did you do last week or month?