{Beauty} Recent Purchase ~ Victoria Secret

 A few weeks ago (mid-october) I had an amazing opportunity to visit the USA for the first time in my life. I would have loved it even more if it was my vacation time but no peeps such luck does not befall me, I instead went for work for a week. I do not know yet when I will have another chance to visit (it is on my bucketlist) so I decided to lengthen the visit by going the weekend before I was expected to be in the office and leave the weekend after. I did not regret this decision, my only regret is I did not have enough spending money to play with (maybe next time). Anyway whilst visiting New Jersey for work I decided to go into New York during the weekend and happened to stumble upon Victoria Secret. I have never been to a Victoria Secret shop and neither ever I thought about shopping there but my colleague wanted to buy some items so I thought I take a look too. There were so many things I wanted to buy, the lingerie was absolutely gorgeous (and pricey), stylish and oh la la. But with a limited unplanned budget I only managed to get a few items.

VICTORIA’S SECRET BODY CAREShea Hydrating Body Lotion, when I saw this body lotion I knew I had to have it and not only because it was on sale for 2for1 but because it smelled absolutely divine. I did not care that it was $18 (£11) it was totally worth the purchase, I am currently using one and given the free one to my sister who’s using it religiously. The body lotion gives an all day hydration, gently absorbs into the skin, is soft on the skin, not greasy and it’s very nourishing to the skin. This lotion is paraben free and I love that you get a continuous moisturizing effect all day long.

Since I have been traveling a lot in 2015 and God willing plan to travel even more in 2016 I thought it wise to pick up a travel bag filled to the brim with travel size head to toe body moisturizing products. This travel gift set was priced at $25 (£16) in store and again I think for what it’s packing it’s worth the price.

VICTORIA’S SECRET BODY CARE NEW! Hydrating Body Lotion Gift Set, this travel set contains: Smoothing SCRUB WASH, Ultra Rich CREAM WASH, Hydrating BODY LOTION and weightless BODY OIL, all 100ml bottles individually priced at £5.42. I can not wait for my next trip abroad to carry this travel set, I have always remembered to pack the face products but never remembered to buy/pack body products so this is a real treat for me.

Whilst in store I was also able to pick up some nice bras (couldn’t afford undies 🙂 ) which after I got measured by the lovely assistants I was told I was a 36 TRIPLE D which is basically E cup in the UK. My boobies do feel really comfortable in my new bras and they are completely covered which is a rarity for me, the bras has always got somehow managed to allow my bust to escape on the sides or in front which can be very embarrassing in your type of clothes. Though each bra cost me $45 and I am not saying I will be running back to Victoria Secret I will say there bras are really exception and so comfortable. The material is strong yet soft and very comfortable to wear, every time I wear these bras I am always in awe of how well they fit my chest and how comfortable I am in them. I have an unfortunate habit of taking bras off when I feel uncomfortable but now I have been so comfortable with these I am forgetting to take them off most days.

Have you ever bought anything from Victoria Secret before? What did you think of the Bras, Beauty products and other products you purchased?