{Fashion Monday} White your outfit

Christmas is in a few weeks time, I am thinking of white outfit ideas.

White outfit
Tomorrow is 1st of December, take a minute to appreciate the importance of that! We have literally used up 11 months of the year and now have one more month before 2015 is over. What have you done so far in the year? Have you accomplished all the goals, plans and/or resolutions you claimed you will do throughout the year? I have been looking at my 2015 goals list and I am very happy I have done 95% of what I set out to do.
Welcome to Fashion Monday, today I am sharing an outfit I am calling white your outfit (ingenious right…I know 🙂 🙂 ). I have these white high heels but I am not great at finding things that would look good with white heels. So when I saw this poppy dress I knew it would go really well with the white heels, what I was left with now is to try to accessories the outfit.
Since the weather has decided it’s going to be really cold I thought it was be nice to have a warm cosy coat and you would think I would add warm tights to this outfit but God knows I do not like tights to leaving them out but you sure can add them.
Since I recently had my hair done I will need something to protect it from the harsh weather we care currently experiencing, I thought this beanie is absolutely gorgeous. You can purchase it from amazon for $11.99 (£7.99)
To finish off the outfit I thought the few jewellery pieces and the scarf would do the trick. I neglected to add a necklace because mine always get caught in my scarfs but you can add a small piece necklace.
what do you think of my outfit?