Financial Report ~ Q3 2015

Financial Report

In July this year, to commiserate my 28th birthday and 2nd blogaversary I shared with you my financial report where I detailed the earnings for the two quarters as well as the different products and sponsored posts I had the opportunity to be involved in. I did mention that I would share my third quarter so here it is, it’s not as explosive as the 2nd quarter but it’s still been good enough to support me through my holidays, spontaneous shopping  and unexpected bills.

Although this report is a month late I thought better late than never, so quarter 3 will cover the last 3 months excluding October which will be included in the Q4 report.

July 2015 – During this month I had such wonderful opportunities to work with different companies, I made £100 cash in the bank and £150 in products sent to facilitate my reviews. Not a bad month as this money helped me buy a ticket to Lithuania and pay my virgin media bill.

August 2015 – This month was also one busy month for me, I had fun mostly because I had finally booked my 2nd trip to Korea for the following month. I made £175 cash in bank and £75 in products sent to facilitate the reviews.

September 2015 – Though I had some amazing opportunities to work with a lot of brands I turned most down because I was fighting my blogger’s block and my lack of motivation but still then I did a few and made £175 cash in bank and £0 in products for review. All the products I was sent in September were moved to October/November for review.

So for the third quarter of 2015 I made £450 cash in bank and £225 in products for review. I think this was a good quarter as well.

Blogging has brought me so many opportunities I never thought I would have the pleasure of experiencing.

What has your blog brought for you? Do you write financial reports for your blog?