{Fashion Monday} Fashion your home: Bedroom

Fashion Your Home: Bedroom

Fashion your home is the name of the game on this blog today, you might remember a post I recently shared about Wardrobe Decluttering and ended up doing more decluttering of the rest of my home too. Decluttering is not always fun but it was for me, I decided to purge all the things that (1) I do not use, (2) have never used (3) taking up space and (4) do not need. But though the upside to decluttering is your home, closet, broom cabinet whatever can now breathe it little easier if not better it also means some parts of your home might be left lacking and wanting (at least in my case). I had gone overboard and decluttered more than was necessary at this point but I am now glad that I did because I can not buy better items which would not be taking up more room than necessary.

Fashion your home

With that being said, I started shopping around and though I am waiting for most to be in the January sales I have started to put some money aside for what I need.

NEW PILLOWS – I have had my old pillows since I moved into my apartment 7 months ago and though for some this is not long enough I feel I need to change them up as I am starting to get neck aches which is affecting my sleep. I have heard a lot about Tempur foam pillows so I am eager to try out this pillow sold via Fishpools.

NEW DUVETS – You might remember that in January 2015 I worked with George Home (Asda part of the Wal-mart group) and I picked up a few beddings which have been good and still are but I need new beddings. Ladies I do not know about you but for me my bed does not only need to be comfortable it also needs to look good and feel good.

NEW SHEETS – Ever since I was young, I have been obsessed with having fitted sheets and normal sweets to be used with the duvets. Until recently I could not sleep unless in my bed I had sheets covering me and then a duvet on top and honestly with the current weather I am going back to my roots. Another reason I loved sheets is if your duvet got too warm but you don’t want to leave your blankets you can always remove the duvet partially but be fully covered with the sheets.

NEW CURTAINS – I have not had to buy any curtains when I moved into my apartment, the landlord left some pretty curtains and I liked them so curtain buying was not on my top list. But now I want to get some curtains or blinds which can offer me total blackout, I mentioned in my Light up your home post how I am particular about lighting so for me black-out curtains or blinds would help eliminate the light entering when it is daylight.

These are the items that I think you and me might need to Fashion your home (my home actually), I have purposefully ignored to add a closet because having my current open closet has actually been the best thing ever instead of a proper closed closet.

How will you Fashion your home this season?