Wardrobe Decluttering

 Over the weekend I decided to declutter my apartment, more importantly declutter my wardrobe. I have been wanting to do a wardrobe update for the longest time but I always told myself I needed to have money to buy new things to update my wardrobe. Funny thing is when I do take money from my pay  and dedicate to my wardrobe, I end up buying more things and not actually do any decluttering.

Well enough was enough, I decided to declutter whilst I am on the verge of being broke.

I went through all the clothes I have in my wardrobe and chose what to keep, what to giveaway to charity, what to send to my mum for my cousins in Africa and what to bin. Once I had this figured out, I went about decluttering my wardrobe. I could not believe how many jeans I had that no longer fit me {insert sad face 🙁 }. Obviously having the same jeans for 5 years is a bit of a jean crime but I had loved them and officially wore them to their demise.

After throwing away all my jeans except 3 I realised I needed to replace these and an awesome idea came into mind, I could go shopping but wait where should I go at this time of the year? I hate dislike huge crowds so I figured the only way for me to replace my jeans is to shop online which I love. I am always shopping on either H&M or New Look so this time I decided to check out M and M direct. I have been a lover of their items for the longest time but never ventured into getting anything because by the time I am done with H&M and New Look I am literally broke.

As it is the Christmas period a lot of shops both online and in store  have amazing sales going on and MnM direct is not different, they currently have a ‘half price or less‘ sale. Obviously I am mostly shopping for jeans so I have happy to see they have a sale on Bootcut Jeans too. With the current weather in the UK a good pair of bootcut jeans paired with your favourite ankle boots is exactly what the doctor ordered. There is free delivery when you spend £60 or more, just use GB60 code at check-out.

I made a huge dent in my wardrobe and managed to declutter my entire bedroom and created room for some new clothes including jeans, presents and maybe some amazon orders too 🙂 . The idea is not to clutter my home again but to have a planned declutter session every 6 weeks, so my next declutter will be just before the January sales 🙂 – coincidence I think not.

When was the last time you declutter your wardrobe or your home?


*Collaborative post*