Lifestyle: Light up your home

Light your home up this Christmas, after all  Tis the season to be jolly. When I moved into my apartment earlier this year, one of the main things that stood out for me was the lighting in my new home. I am very particular about lighting in my home, especially the bedroom. Boo would tell you how fussy I am on outing lighting in the bedroom, even just little flick of light coming from laptops charging, electrical on standpoint all of that stops me from actually having a good night’s sleep for me it has to be pitch black.  Light your home
For the rest of the house I am not worried about flickering lights but I do want when I am in the room the light is not too bright, does not take forever to reach its brightness peak and can be adjustable. In my apartment I am fortunate that the lighting is not too bad and I can manage, except for the bathroom. Because of how the bathroom/toilet room is shaped it is difficult to appreciate the lighting. The toilet area and the shower area are fine it’s not bright but it’s not too deem either but by the sink where my mirror is there is hardly any lighting coming through.

Scouring the net I came across Lighting Styles bathroom lighting ideas which are absolutely awesome. I particularly fell in love with the illuminated magnified vanity mirror which would solve some of my problems or better yet I could use the over mirror lighting (with a built-in shaver socket for boo) which would be more ideal.
light your home

Lighting styles offers tips, ideas and advice on how to light up your space from ceiling lighting to accessories. The great thing about Lighting styles is that they are matching competitor prices on a wide range of lighting.

What kind of lighting do you have in your home?


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