Inexpensive Christmas Decorations

December is already under way and I am thinking of inexpensive Christmas decorations and where I can find them.This year will be my first Christmas in my apartment, though I know I won’t actually be home on Christmas Day, I still want my little home to feel Christmassy so I decided to check out the 99p store and grab up a few items to decorate my home.

I had wanted to have a full on Christmas tree this year but since I won’t be around to enjoy it I thought I pick up a small desk size tree. It is not exactly beaming but for now it is enough to keep my Christmas spirit up.

I also picked up the merry Christmas sign in gold and glitter and I love it (though the glitter seems to love jumping on anything I wear). I have pasted it on the wall above my TV so I can see it every time I watch TV or I am in my kitchen.

These gold and glitter shoe decorations were just to cute to pass by. I knew I wanted these for my home though I am still struggling with were to keep them. I want them on my window seal but also in front of my TV, so for now they are in both places.

 Lastly I picked this reindeer and some clip on tree decorations, I just love that I can clip them anywhere I choose. I can to use them on my desk tree or around my house to give that sparkle of gold and glitter all round. The reindeer is currently reigning the window seal and rocking it.

This is how I am decorating my Christmas  inexpensively and saving money for presents and planned travels. Have you ever decorated your home using inexpensive decorations?