Lifestyle: Garden lighting and upkeep ideas 

Garden lighting and upkeep ideas is a follow on post from lighting your home post I recently shared.

 I work 9-5 and this time of year it gets darker quite early (4pm) so by the time I am heading home all the houses along my route home have turned on their garden lights and those who’ve bothered have decorated their yards. It is always nice seeing all the gardens all lite up, I do not have a garden, I live on the top floor of an apartment building but I thought I share some of the garden lighting ideas based off what I have planned for my parents house.

My dad has been working on our family garden for the longest time and he keeps insisting he will finish it next week (2 years later and still the same 😁😂). We currently have a sensor light in our garden which when I visit my parents I always seem to unplug since it’s plugged in my brother’s old room (where I sleep when I visit) and the socket is the easiest and closest one to me so without fail I seem to switch off our sensor lights (😬).

Obviously this needs to stop, so I am hoping the following ideas will save my parents sanity whenever I visit.

Garden lights – a lot of home stores like homebase  even Argos have a number of different garden light options you can buy but I am loving the different lighting types from Scotlight Direct. Not everyone thinks of outdoor lighting for their garden, as I have mentioned above we have a sensor light at my parents house but I think it would be better to have ground lighting or even outdoor post lighting obviously wired and plugged elsewhere.

Flower beds or Pots – we’ve had our family home for over 10 years now and the only thing that has survived in our garden is my mum’s vegetable patch which grows amazing produce. But for some reason none of the flowers we plant ever survive, of course our neighbours cats playing in our garden when we plant anything doesn’t help. Having some flower beds could remedy this situation or not.

Lawn mower – I can not remember the last time I actually handled a lawnmower but it is always handy to have one for those with gardens, so far dad has killed two lawn mowers so maybe this time will buy dad proof one 😊.

Fencing – in our garden we have an apple tree and every year we have some deliciously sweet apples which we welcome anyone to come taste. The kids in my parents neighbourhood all know they are always welcome to pick apples but for some reasons some kids prefer to climb out already weak fence to come steal apples so now my parents are in need of some new fencing to protect not only the garden but our home too.


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