2016 Winter Face Routine

This week you will notice almost every post I will mention Prague in some respect and that is because I just returned a couple of days ago from a girl’s weekend getaway and I am so happy I went.




 Whilst in Prague, it snowed the entire weekend and it was blooming freezing. It was because of the weather that I decided to share with you all my 2016 winter face routine. I noticed before we left and after we returned from our tour of Prague that my face routine has been true to it’s word and has been keeping my face moisturised and protected from the harsh winter we have been having as of late.

I have a list of products that I have been using for the last 12 months and all the products I have tested have some how helped and improved my skin in some capacity. I have mentioned several times over the last 12 months how I review so many products that I hardly buy any new ones to try out myself but that I always have backup products which are all from the Simple skin range.

The following products have really stood out for me and are now part of my 2016 winter face routine

Rose Glow Cleanser – Last year I was sent this cleanser for review and because I had other cleansers to try I only used it for a month and stopped. For the last 12 months I have worked my way through all my cleansers and now I am suing the rose glow cleanser which is honestly an amazing cleanser, next to my simple skin range daily cleanser it is one of the best I have tried so far. You can read my review of it last year

180 cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid serum – I love all Hyaluronic Acid based serums because for me so far they work and never let me down but I must say the 180 cosmetics serum is my number one favourite. Whilst in Prague I took this serum with me and I am so amazed at how it protected my skin during the snow and the below freezing temperatures. My face looked (and still do) absolutely amazing and I am attributing it to this awesome serum and the Simple skin range moisturiser.

Last year and year before I was fortunate enough to be sent some awesome moisturisers to try out, so many made an impact on me but the one with the most lasting impression outside Oz natural herbal infused moisturiser is the Tepez cream that ASDM Beverly Hills sent me to review last month. Most face creams protect you for a few hours and your face is then left to fend fro itself for the rest of the day. Other face creams require reapplication to maintain the protect barrier, Tepez cream as you might know from my review (+giveaway to win your very own) is a healing cream which doesn’t only moisturises your face but heals any old scars whilst looking after your face.

All of these products have been really amazing for my skin especially during this harsh winter.