{Beauty Review} ASDM’s Hyaluronic Acid Serum {GIVEAWAY CLOSED}

It’s been a year already going on two since I started using hyaluronic and/or vitamin c based face serums. I have used other types of serums and loved them too but I always go back to my hyaluronic acid serums. I love hyaluronic acid serums because hyaluronic acid is already naturally present in the body but over the years as we are exposed to the elements just having it alone without added boost doesn’t help much.

When I first started using serums I was very sceptical as firstly I was not sure what I was meant to see what days/weeks or even months of trying the products but one thing I quickly noticed is that after applying the serum my face creams held better and my face looked even more ‘youthful’.

 I have mentioned in my introduction post about ASDM Beverly Hills that I had not heard of the company prior to being contacted but I quickly familiarised myself with them and their products before agreeing to review at least 3 of their products. Today I am reviewing the hyaluronic acid serum and also running a giveaway to offer one of you an opportunity to win this serum.

Hyaluronic acid serum Review

Packaging: When I received the products first thing I noticed was the packaging which was nicely done for courier and the product itself was not bad looking but it is ordinary as most of my serum bottles look like that (maybe there is a reason for it). The bottle is medium sized and is a pipette type making it easier to get the amount you want.

Serum: Brown in colour and very cold, I keep all my face products away from direct sunlight and aim to keep them at recommended temperatures. When I first applied the serum on the cotton pad then onto my face it felt very cool, smooth and once applied around my face left my face feeling tight. This is something I never get tired of, I feel like serums prime the face for moisturisers. The serum was easily absorbed into my skin upon application and I have a habit of fanning my face after applying serums and moisturisers to my face and this time was not different the difference was the rate at which the serum was absorbed and how short my fanning time was. I love that the serum is not greasy, that it’s hydrating and for me it actually works my face looks even better now and the current winter weather has nothing on me.

Use: It is recommended that you use the serum twice a day and sometimes I do but most days I prefer to use serums in the morning only and use my other ‘nightly’ products for the night. You do not have to apply lots to get the desired effect ‘youthful’ I mostly use 2x pea sized amounts (I have a big face 😂😂).

One thing I have noticed over the years about using serums is that when I applied my makeup my face still looks youthful and in the cold of winters it prevents my face from drying out and leaving cracked skin which is a huge bonus as cracked nothing ain’t cute.

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