Lifestyle: Christmas Presents

Some #christmas presents from family. I am loving this #reindeer bag my sister in law made for me for my presents. #christmaspresents #presents #christmas2015 #christmas2015 #c2k15Happy belated Christmas, I hope you had an amazing day with family and friends and hope Santa brought you some of the things you wished for. In my family Christmas is about being together and less about presents but with MOH we do like to use Boxing Day as a presents giving day since we hit up London and grab a few bargains in Harrods London. This year was no different and you can read more about our Boxing Day shopping on the blog next week.

Christmas presents

This gone Christmas I received a lot more presents compared to any other year in my life so far. My SIL in particular has an amazing knack for picking out Christmas presents and this year was no different. The only difference this year was she made me one of my Christmas presents, she has been taking lessons from my mother (something I should be doing too) and learning how to knit, she has gotten so good that she knitted me the best scarf ever. It was the first present I opened days before Christmas (oops, sorry SIL) and it turned out to be a saviour as I used it throughout my trip to Vilnius and Kaunas. The other presents she gave me included;a very beautiful put together presents bag (reindeer bag) and in it were some lovely beauty products which included the No.7 eyeshadow and shine & tint lipgloss I mentioned in my Beauty ~ Recent additions post.

boots no7

From the rest of the my family I got LOVE!!! 🙂

MOH on top of taking me to London for our yearly Harrods shopping trip, he bought me a new pair of knee-length boots from Lithuania, they are real leather and absolutely beautiful and warm. Last time he got me boots was in 2008 (or was it 2010) which lasted me until 2 years ago as I didn’t really take care of them so the leather got ruined. I am loving my new boots and rocking them every chance I get since the weather though not too cold has been raining buckets.


What did you get this Christmas? Did Santa bring what you wanted or something else which is still awesome?