Make this valentine’s weekend is one to remember

Valentine’s Day is a really special day of the year to a lot of couples. Whether you’ve been dating someone for a while, are in a long term relationship or are newly in love, you’re certain to be wondering about what to do to make valentine’s weekend special this year.

There are lots of different things you can do to make it one to remember, here’s some inspiration to get you feeling all romantic whatever type of couple you are:

A Romantic Dinner

A simple way to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re a couple not looking to make a fuss is to go for a romantic meal. If you’re planning on heading somewhere fancy, make sure that you make a reservation soon as with the special day being on a Sunday this year, Saturday night is bound to be busy. If you don’t want to go to a busy restaurant full of other couples you could even cook for your partner and make something extra special. Make sure that you’ve got a few candles lit, a lovely bunch of roses and something fizzy chilling in the fridge to make it super special.


A Weekend Away

If you’ve been together awhile and are looking to put a little bit of excitement back into your relationship or you’re in the honeymoon period and can’t wait to spend some alone time together then a weekend away is a great idea. Going on a city break or escaping to the countryside is a great way to spend some quality time together as a couple and get that romantic spark back. Complete with a gorgeous meal and beautiful hotel room, there’s no better way to spend Valentines. Take a look at the gorgeous weekend breaks at Classic British Hotels, which are sure to impress your loved one.


A City Break

If you’re really wanting to impress your loved one this year then the best way to do it is with a city break. Book tickets to a romantic destination and surprise them a few days before. Whether you head to Paris, Dublin, Amsterdam or further afield is up to you. Although a more expensive weekend, going abroad will certainly impress. Book a night at a famous restaurant or go sightseeing to make it extra special.

So, whatever type of couple you are, there’s definitely something you can do to make sure that this Valentine’s Day is one you won’t forget.


**Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post**