Solo traveler consider airport transfer 

Solo traveler consider airport transfer is my best ever advice. When I first went to Ljubljana in Slovenia I made a decision before I even left the UK to ensure I either booked airport transfer or consider private taxi hire. There is nothing worse that going to a foreign land and having no clue how to move about and even then when you land you find everything is written in local vernacular and hardly anyone speaks English (very common in some Eastern European countries).

As a solo traveler the first thing that comes to mind when I am booking my mini holidays or long haul holidays is my safety. Obviously nothing is 100% guaranteed but I always think it is important to make plans and prepare where possible. My first ever solo trip was to Zambia to see my family and friends, I was obviously more excited but I was still thinking of my safety. This was my first travel without my parents or MOH, I was looking forward to exploring my old towns, seeing my friends but with all these things going on in my mind the foremost was my safety. I went through all the basics my mummy ever taught me and my common sense. My second solo trip was visiting my friend in Seoul, South Korea. Again my safety not only when I arrived but before then at the airports. These two solo trips were the easiest and hardest I had ever done, easiest in terms of safety and hardest because it was me coming out of my comfort zone without a parachute.

Fast forward to my first solo weekend getaway to Brussels, I took Eurostar to Brussels, Belgium and when I arrived I had no clue where to go so I started looking for taxis to take me to my hotel. I paid more in taxis fare than a local because the taxis driver picked up on my nervousness (I asked the hotel guy how much it’s costs from that particular station to hotel and it seems I paid double that). I have learnt that this is a common occurrence in most countries so to combat that I have resorted to only ever using airport transfers because I know the price before hand, I already made arrangements as to when to be picked up and where to be dropped off and my return journey is sorted.


In Ljubljana, Slovenia I used a car service called Go Opti which offers airport transfer in a lot of cities. It was recommended by a fellow blogger so I was happy to use the service and glad I did. I was picked up from airport with 3 other people (I chose a shared device), first couple got dropped off first then 2 minutes later I got dropped off and confirmed with the driver the pickup for the next day back to the airport (I told you it was spontaneous).

In Praha (Prague), Czech Republic I booked airport transfer with Prague transfers. Like with Ljubljana I was picked up at airport terminal and though my flight was delayed the driver waited for us, this is the beauty about booking airport transfer but also a pitfall always check their conditions on delayed flights and contact numbers of they are 24 hours or not. We arrived 2 hours late, at 2am and Prague airport transfer driver waited, drove us to the hotel, ensured we had entered and checked in before he left. Pick up was incredible too, he arrived an hour early in case we changed our mind or transfer suddenly became a problem which thankfully was not the case. For Brno, Czech Republic I used Suntransfers a private tax service and they offer impeccable service, flight was slightly delayed and they waited.

I am not against using public transport, when I went back for round 2 to Seoul last year I took public transport from airport to my friend’s place as she was working. I did this because I knew where I was going, I was familiar with their transport system and speak enough to get shown the way. But for anyway new places I visit I feel for solo travelers it’s always important to think of your safety first and adventure second. I am not saying don’t take risks just be smart about them.

Have you ever traveled alone? Used airport transfer? What’s your preference public transport or organised pick up?