February Must Haves 

February must haves, these are items that I am wanting and some of them I am saving for throughout the year.

Michael kors
When I think about putting must haves list I always think about the things that I need either soon or in a couple of months which could also be something my reader might relate. This time it is totally different, the February must haves list is more of m gift pleasure of little items that I was more so now because of my impromptu weekend getaways.
I have a collection of small clutch bags for different occasions but I think of my entire collection only two of them can I switch from Day to Night. I love items that are versatile because these days everyone is out for ‘one fits all’ item which includes can be used both day and night.
I do not own any MK bags and I would definitely like to own at least one but the prices do not really agree with my budget so I am always putting them on my wish list hoping a friend or family member will gift it to me. But alas I am still waiting so I have decided to start saving for one and hopefully sometime this year I will have one.
Do you like clutch/crossover bags? Do you own any MK bags?