Nutribuddy First Impressions

Nutribuddy is/are a group on a mission to help people like you and me lose weight the healthy way by using natural sports supplements. Readers of this blog will know I hate setting New Year’s resolution especially those around losing weight but this year it is different. I have not and I will not set goals to lose weight but it is something I am working on personally without much pressure or expectation or putting it out there to hold myself accountable but I also realise that I am not at my ideal weight. I am 2kilos shy of 80kg, for me this is huge as I have never been above 75. All my life I have dallied between 55 and 65 but when I went to university in 2009 I somehow found myself dallying between the 60’s and the 70’s. I remember telling my mum when I was starting university that I will either come back home fat or anorexia but it wouldn’t be anything in the middle, looks like I am was heading towards fat camp.


When an opportunity presented itself for me to try out products that could help me lose weight I did not even blink I jumped right at it.

Disclaimer: I was sent the products mentioned in this post for free in exchange for an honest review, all opinions, typos and errors are my own.

I was sent a brand NEW weight loss essentials collection (£69.99) which contained – Whey powder in vanilla, multivitamins and hunger fix tablets to aid my weight loss accompanied by a Nutribuddy weight loss guide and a Red shaker bottle.

  • Nutribuddy Sculpting Whey – a whey protein-based shake, made from the milk of free-range, grass-fed GM-free cows. It also includes some natural ingredients such as green tea and guarana to boost metabolism. Substitute unhealthy snacks (or even meals if you want) with the Whey to keep you feeling full.
  • Nutribuddy Hunger Fix tablets – These contain glucomannan which is a natural ingredient from the root of a plant. The tablets takes up space in your stomach to help naturally suppress appetite. It’s one of the most powerful, natural and side-effect-free weight loss ingredient. I am always cautious saying side-effect free on anything but I am willing to go on a little faith with natural products.
  • Nutribuddy Multivitamins – These tablets are a mixture of vitamins for general health.

First Impressions

The packaging they came in was nothing special but it was nicely packed and insulated which I was very pleased about.

The Whey and both tablets come in resealable bags, which is very handy to keep them in good condition throughout the period of use.

I am not a big fan of huge tablets but the multivitamins though big I can manage them and went down like a storm.

The shaker bottle is a nice red colour which I chose, it turned out to be exactly like my bottle that I bought in Slovenia, I am well pleased because I now have two. One can be for the Whey mixture and the other for water.

Making the Whey, you have an option to either drink it in milk or water mixture and I tried water first to see the taste and I must say I am very pleased with the taste and texture.

The weight lose guide-book is user-friendly, easy to read and very clear. It starts with explaining what each item in the collection is, how to make the whey drink and when to take it, same with the tablets plus what each item contains, you’re advised when its best to take them and frequency. Then next you have 5-day meal plan which is awesome and then you have a FAQ page.

The ordering processing was fairly simple and swift, I placed my order on Thursday 18th February 2016 and my package arrived on Friday 19th February 2016. The website is easy to navigate and is user-friendly with options to pay via PayPal, debit/credit card and option to either register or purchase as a guest.

So far I must say I am really pleased with the Nutribuddy weight loss collection and I will report back with my experience with the product with hopefully some before and after pictures of my weight loss (if any).

Have you ever heard of OR tried Nutribuddy products before?